Matthew is an experienced, qualified counsellor, coach and accredited psychotherapist with 15 years experience. Matthew is also a Supervisor, Trainer and Group Worker at the Institute of Psychosynthesis, London. Matthew works with a wide range of difficulties including anxiety, bereavement, depression, low self-esteem, relationship difficulties, procrastination, abuse and trauma. He works with individuals and couples within a safe, supportive and, if required, challenging space for you to explore past or present issues which might be troubling you.

Matthew is originally from London and has worked as an actor and musician and enjoys working with creatives of all kinds. Over the past 10 years Matthew has worked with training healthcare professionals in communication skills, enabling them to handle complex and challenging issues.

I am UKCP registered psychotherapist based in Stroud. I also work online.
I am a UKCP registered supervisor at the Institute of Psychosynthesis.

Quidhampton, Salisbury SP2 9BG, UK

My name is Rachella Michaels, and I graduated from The Institute of Psychosynthesis as a Psychotherapist in 1999. I have worked face-to-face and online with individuals and couples since then.

Since the Psychosynthesis training I developed a keen interest in neuroscience and its findings, particularly in relation to the links it has found between body and mind, and how they have and continue to impact on psychotherapy, particularly in connection with working with the fallout from traumatic experiences, whether developmental, generational or incident related.

In my work I encourage the growth of self awareness and agency (the personal right to choose), the exploration of personal needs and motivations, and the psychological obstacles that block carrying out those choices or making sure those needs are met.

I have received couple therapy training following the Emotion Focused Therapy approach. I chose EFT because I felt it fitted well with the attachment style work I had become familiar with in Psychosynthesis, and because it included the focus on emotion which in my view needs to be at the forefront of couple therapy.

My work is none confrontational, and encourages the experiential development in the individual of personal skills, learnings and realisations, that support and strengthen their sense of self, their ability to face adversity, and their ability to self soothe and remain focused.

I work from just outside Salisbury in Wiltshire, both face-to-face and online, with people all over the UK and Europe.


Hi my name is Claudia and I am a Psychotherapeutic Counsellor with a Masters in Psychosynthesis Psychology, accredited with UKCP.

Originally from Germany I have lived in the Uk for 20 years now.

My approach is warm, authentic and relationship-led. I am most interested in the connections we make with one another and how good connections can lead to a healthier, happier life.

I have a special interest and experience working with relationship issues and highly sensitive people. 

Psychosynthesis shows us who and what we truly are. As light falling upon a bud can cause it to unfurl, the work done in a psychosynthetic context is capable of bringing remarkable and transformative change.

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Therapy is a journey. We can choose to ignore that part of us that hopes for more in life and in many ways that’s the easier option. The therapeutic journey is not easy.  It can be extremely painful at times, but it can also help us to live again. Since you are reading this there is part of you that wants change, that wants to live in the way you once imagined. It’s not too late.

I can’t offer you a quick fix or answers to make you feel better.  You have all of those.  In fact, you already have all you need.  I can help you to connect more to yourself, which might mean working through some painful parts of your story, that may be known or as yet unknown. It won’t be easy, but I will stay with you, by your side, as long as it takes.
I offer a safe, confidential space for you to bring whatever you need to bring.  You decide at your own pace what you would like to discuss. It may take a little time before you feel ready, and that’s okay. The space will be reserved for you each week, and I will respect and encourage your inner wisdom. This is your journey.

If you want solutions from me and a quick fix, I can’t help with that. I believe in each individual, and that they know on some level what needs to be done. My aim is to connect you to this part of yourself that knows, the part that has always known, but may have got lost along the way. That part of ourselves that we remember from our earliest memories.

I practice in Sutton Coldfield face to face, or online if preferred during restrictions related to the Covid pandemic.  Please get in touch


After a longstanding career in music therapy, Peter trained as a psychosynthesis psychotherapist and 5DL coach at the institute of psychosynthesis, London.   Combining these aspects of therapy and creativity has been significant in meeting others in crisis.  Working with trauma, addiction  and dissociation involves many levels of our Being and approaches to the therapeutic relationship.  Peter is a singer, music improvisor and art lover employing these forces and mediums of expression in a soulful therapy experience in coaching or psychotherapy.

He has worked as a senior Music therapist for over twenty years with people who have autism, SEN and mental health and emotional health needs also working with people with dissociative identity disorder as a result of trauma.  These experiences brought him to train as a psychosynthesis psychotherapist at the Institute.

Alongside his music therapy work, working as a music therapy trainee supervisor, he has a
private psychotherapy practice in psychosynthesis psychotherapy and 5 DL coaching.  he is influenced by Kabbalah, soul therapy, music and the arts.

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Location: Cardiff.         As well as seeing clients face-to-face, I also offer online therapy.

At times we may experience difficulties where we feel stuck or overwhelmed, or periods of unhappiness or anxiousness that doesn’t allow us to feel we are freely making decisions and acting to our true selves. I can support you to find meaning and purpose in your life and learn to have a healthy relationship with yourself and others, and identify your true potential.

I am a qualified accredited psychosynthesis psychotherapist (UKCP Registered) experienced in individual and group therapy. I have worked as a therapist at Priory Roehampton and Priory North London and more recently as a part of the therapeutic team setting up Priory’s new residential clinic in Mill Hill London.

I have experience of working with a wide range of concerns, including: childhood trauma, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and addictive behaviours.

My approach encourages personal growth by promoting change within the individual and bringing together different dimensions of the whole: the behavioural, cognitional, emotional, volitional and spiritual.

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Finchley Central, London, UK

I am a Psychotherapist, trained with the Institute of Psychosynthesis in London. I offer confidential, safe space for the exploration of your inner world; an opportunity to clear the path towards living life as the fullest version of yourself. Each individual is a unique being. I consider it a privilege to  accompany you on your journey of unfoldment.

It sometimes takes a crisis for us to take the first step into therapy, or you may already have experienced therapy and wish to go deeper in your process. Whatever your reason, it is my genuine sense that the depth and hope psychosynthesis offers, together with energy psychology techniques in which I am also trained, offer a powerful combination for the journey back to your essential self.

Since 2004 I have worked extensively within the areas of trauma, anxiety and chronic conditions, where by using the body and energy systems, the effects and symptoms held within are released. I am also an accredited trainer and supervisor within the field of energy psychology and EFT.

I work in-person in north London and on-line.


Our symptoms are messages from the Self; unconscious issues are calling for your attention and transformation

I am currently offering sessions online over Skype, Zoom or by telephone.

Edale, Hope Valley, Derbyshire,UK

Hello, I am Ali, I am both passionate about, and fascinated by human relationships and what makes us who and what we are. The whole of my working life has been about connecting with people, listening, coming alongside, seeking to understand and helping to make sense of what life has dealt us, and how we can best respond, learn and grow from even the most difficult life experiences. I qualified as a counsellor in 2003 working in the field of sexual abuse, and trained at the Institute of Psychosynthesis in London graduating as a Psychotherapist in 2010. During my training, I lost my son to cancer, which took me on a profound journey into grief and love, which opened me to the depths of Presence and  the beauty of life and the growth process that can come through being undefended to human suffering. I have found the Psychosynthesis approach both inspiring, creative and wonderfully healing. The problems that bring us to therapy are also the paths to deeper self understanding and compassion.

I have also studied body psychotherapy and believe that the body and mind are not separate, but work together to express our pain and our joy in life. Our bodies can be a miraculous and highly attuned ‘mother’ to our mind and soul, so require inclusion in the therapeutic process. I am deeply nourished by my relationship with Nature and honour’ the wild and untamed’ inside, as well as around us, I practice outside as well as from my therapy room, I work face to face, in groups and via the internet and telephone.

I also work as a supervisor, a ceremonialist and am qualified in Lifespan Integration. I love to dance, drum, walk with my dog and be with people in our mutual quest for self understanding, psycho-spiritual growth and healing.

McGibney photo.jpg

I offer low-cost counselling and psychotherapeutic counselling on-line and in person in East Sussex and currently have vacancies for clients.

I have been a full time doctor and medical scientist for much of my life and I first came to counselling and psychotherapy more than 20 years ago during a mid-life crisis. About 5 years ago I decided to train as a therapist myself and I qualified as a counsellor during the summer of 2019. I am now extending my practice and my training with the intention of qualifying as a psychotherapist.

We all struggle with life’s ups and downs at one time or another and sometimes we can get stuck in old patterns of thoughts, feelings or behaviours. Counselling and psychotherapy offer opportunities to talk about life’s frustrations and to explore deep emotional issues with the aim of resolving them or decreasing their power and providing more choice for the future.

My approach acknowledges that suffering can be caused by a loss of contact with who we really are and much our work together will be aimed at restoring, renewing and strengthening this contact with your true Self and supporting you in living your life from this deep place of inner peace and love.

Ania 10.jpg
Available on Zoom and Skype. Central London W1W near Oxford Circus, Great Portland Street and Goodge Street tube.
Ania Dyczkowska – MSc Cl Psychology, Dip Psychotherapy, PG Dip Counselling, Supervision Cert, CBT Cert.
I have been seeing individuals and couples in short and long term therapy. I am a UKCP and BACP registered psychotherapist and counsellor with over 15 years experience. My integrative approach responds to uniqueness and therapeutic needs of each person and I draw from models of psychosynthesis, psychodynamic, transpersonal,  CBT and mindfulness.
I work with anxiety and stress, depression, confidence and self esteem, healing childhood trauma, family issues, work related problems, loss and bereavement, and relationship difficulty. My aim is to support clients going through change and transition in their life to improve their well being, resolve concerns, alleviate distress and enrich relationships. I provides safe space to work with present difficulties and impact of psychological past as well as with a deeper healthy longing to live more fulfilling and purposeful life. 
Alongside my private practice, I have experience of working in business, health projects and academic organisations.
People, who seek therapy want to get well and make a difference in their life and work.Therapy can offer professional support and guidance to attend to emotional distress, dilemmas and choices. Choosing to solve emotional difficulties can be challenging and decision to seek a professional therapist is important.
Additionally, I am UKCP Registered supervisor and I supervise trainees and qualified counsellors and psychotherapist.
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Richmond-upon-Thames, Richmond, UK

Hello,  I am a fully qualified counsellor, having started training in 1998 and in part-time private practice in 2000. I am a member of BACP and have completed the four-year training programme at the Insitute of Psychosynthesis, where I was awarded my Counselling Diploma in 2017 and  Master’s Diploma in Psychosynthesis Psychology in June, 2019.  My Master’s Degree in Psychosynthesis Psychology was awarded by Middlesex University in 2019. My thesis was recognised with a distinction and the Emma Stavrou Thesis Award. I am completing a seven-month Couples Counselling training in July 2020. I have experience working in private practice and also in an NHS hospital setting (LivingWell CIC at St Charles Hospital) and the low-cost counselling service at the Psychosynthesis Trust. I have worked with clients on issues of trauma, anxiety, self-esteem, crises of meaning,  grief, addiction and co-dependency, body dysmorphia, chronic illness, depression, and career-change  and life-stage transition. I also part of a pilot project called ConnectWell,  a cross-disciplinary initiative to combat loneliness and isolation.  I have some evening availability and Fridays in the daytime. My therapy room is one minute walk from Richmond tube and train station.  During the current pandemic, I offer sessions on Zoom. Thank you, Carole


A space to explore your needs.  Let’s find ways to live happier more productive lives.  In Counselling we can make sense of our feelings, behaviours and daily challenges, so we can overcome them with confidence and understanding.  I am here to support you through this process.  Together we can create a safe space to explore your needs in a way that feels right for you.

Symptoms can appear to be isolated problems in their own right and so we often overlook their root causes.  Working to understand how your experiences inform your behaviour makes the symptoms more identifiable and in time, manageable.

You may be suffering with anxiety, depression, panic attacks, phobias, discontentment, patterns in your life that are holding you back; relationship difficulties, separation, divorce, family issues, children leaving home, death of parents, abuse, bereavement, trauma (ancestral, historical or recent), self-esteem (confidence and love for yourself), feeling sad, loss of identity, not knowing who you are, feeling lost for example.  These are all normal issues that we all face and are often not talked about and included as part of life.

Addressing symptoms and their causes helps create a more well-rounded version of ourselves.  By choosing therapy, you are making a gentle commitment to yourself to do this in a confidential, non-judgemental safe space.  I am here to listen.

I work with individual adults of all ages.  I offer a free initial telephone conversation which gives you the chance to ask me questions and for me to get a sense of what you might need.  There is no obligation, just a time for you.  The priority is for you to work with someone you can trust.

Therapy is an important healthy part of our lives, our inner world is just as important as our outer world – it is part of our health and who we are.

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I am a Psychotherapist and Counsellor, UKCP registered. I offer weekly sessions in person and have a few spaces in my practice for clients at a lower fee rate.

Do you find yourself struggling to get through the day as a result of troubling situations or overwhelming experiences and issues?  It may be that you are feeling down or life seems tedious or you feel you can’t go on. Perhaps you feel distance or discomfort in relationships with others and would like to feel more connected and cared for? I offer a safe, sympathetic and confidential space for us to work towards relief from emotional pain and distress. I help you find new meaning in life.

I work with people who feel lost and who long to reconnect with themselves and others, mostly, when Will has been dampened by a difficult history of upbringing in their family and early social care environment. The consequences range from mild to severe disruption in development, unique to each person. Some develop addiction to substances, or processes, which damage self-esteem and erode confidence and belief in oneself.  However, new patterns can be reshaped and shifts to healthier ways of Being for the rocky road of life are possible. Within the therapeutic space we aim to develop your personal self as a container for the many elements that drive you and to uncover the spark of your spiritual Self that inspires you from within.

I have an MA in Psychosynthesis Psychology and the subject of my thesis established my special area of focus: finding transformation through trauma. Being an Iyengar Yoga teacher, working with the body comes naturally to my practice to connect with how our Beings somatise our psychological state.  Please see my profile on Counselling Directory for more detail about my practice, or the Psychotherapy page on my website.

Considering psychotherapy or counselling is a significant step in choosing to value and invest in yourself by feeling seen and thereby enriching your experience in the world. I offer an initial assessment session for us to discover what is troubling you and to explore how our working together may support the work of transforming your life.

IMG_4866 (1).jpg
Palmers Green, London, UK

In a safe and confidential place, I will listen with empathy and compassion to your life story and difficulties you are experiencing on your journey. Psychosynthesis counselling offers a way of connecting to your creative and unique self. As we all have learned to adapt to our environment, it takes courage to become aware of outdated patterns that don’t serve us anymore.  I work on the premise that we all have the capacity to heal our past to live our lives better. I will be with you in exploring how your feelings are impacted and help you to make different choices how you want to be in the world.

I practice from my home in North London. Contact me for an initial confidential consultation to explore what you want to work on and how we could work together. I offer negotiable rates for people on low income.

Alex Boyle (6).JPG
London NW3 and Ipswich IP1

As a wealth manager in the City, I was attracted to explore psychosynthesis psychotherapy over 25 years ago. I had been finding it difficult to square a sense of who I truly was with the culture of my work environment.

I knew immediately all those years ago that responding to this call from my ‘potential self’ through the promise that psychosynthesis held for me, was the most responsible – and liberating – step I’d ever take.

I have continued an extensive training and practice in psychotherapy in tandem with a long career in the City and offer both private Psychotherapy and Senior Executive Leadership Coaching within organisations.

My particular interest lies in guiding and encouraging people towards self-actualization and the integration of their fullest potential in whatever sphere of life they are engaged. This process may be seen as a journey, which we share together for at time and requires only ‘the willingness and the courage to be’. To participate in life with joy is the goal at the heart of psychosynthesis therapy and coaching – and its achievement often comes in unexpected ways.

Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy & Leadership Coaching with Alex Boyle

What is Psychosynthesis?

Psychosynthesis is an advanced development of classical psychoanalytic, analytic, counselling and psychotherapeutic theory and techniques. Further, psychosynthesis broadens its vision to encompass the spiritual impulse common to all traditions, which leads the individual on in his or her quest for the unique meaning of their life and its ultimate fulfilment. Rooted thus in the mainstream classical approaches outlined above, psychosynthesis extends its field of endeavour to include techniques ranging through art, guided visualisation, dreamwork and imagination, sub-personality work and much more, so that each individual, in his or her own way, is offered an opportunity to re-evaluate their life and bring about change and personal growth, especially when:

Psychosynthesis, with its special focus on the development of human potential, aims to encourage people to acknowledge needs at all levels of being: this includes the health of the body, the emotions, the mind and the spiritual or transpersonal dimension. It recognises the influence of past events on the life of every human being and that each individual has a deeper centre of identity; it emphasizes each person’s potential for healing and growth and the individual’s capacities for choice.

Senior Executive and Manager Leadership Coaching

My coaching is based on the 5DL (5 Dimensions of Leadership) and GROW models for senior leaders, business executives and managers. For leaders to be effective quickly, they must be equipped with the right skills, knowledge and behaviours to enable them to lead their team and achieve their company’s business goals.

Drawing on my experience of over 30 years of a City career in fund management, equities analysis and business development and underpinned by my in-depth psychological training, I work with senior leaders to establish a plan of action enabling them to become effective and drive their business and personal goals forward more quickly. My coaching works with the individual’s personal mindsets and values, their relationships and how they operate within their work context.

For example, you may be:

  • Taking on a new role or career change
  • Implementing new strategy
  • Resolving teamwork and management issues
  • Encouraging wider collaborative processes across the organisation
  • Seeking to improve employee engagement and their potential

I offer specific issue-based coaching – equipping you or your people to manage crucial or sometimes difficult conversations.

The qualities of leadership are explored and developed as we aim for realistic outcomes based on a series of 6 sessions held fortnightly over a 3 month period. These series can be extended to additional sets, if desired.

Qualifications and Training:

I’m a registered member of the Institute of Psychosynthesis and a member of its Training Faculty. The Institute is accredited by the UKCP through the AAP. I’m in supervision with the Institute of Psychosynthesis for its PG Cert in Leadership and Organisational Coaching. I have been a Chartered Fellow of the CISI for many years.


I have practices in Suffolk (Ipswich IP1) and North London (Chalk Farm NW3).

You are welcome to contact me on:

07881 767 042


Weekly counselling or psychotherapy: £80 per 50 minute session.
Leadership/executive coaching either private or sponsored: please enquire.

Natural Health Practice, Church st, Falmouth

I am a fully qualified and accredited psychotherapist and have worked in private practice for over 30 years with individuals, couples, groups and supervising other practitioners. I find it deeply rewarding to support people with their lives, work, relationships and in creating a lifestyle that has meaning and purpose for them. This involves finding healthy connection with ourselves, other people and with our community/world, expressing the values that matter to us.

I like to be an “allie” to my clients through life’s challenges and changes – of which there are many. I strive to give empathy, respect and a supportive professional relationship on which you can rely. Together we look at any patterns and obstacles from the past, also at who and where you want to be, developing skills and resources so you can move towards it.

I work with relationship issues with partners, family and friends, and with a range of difficulties you may encounter, such as coping with stress, anxiety, depression, loss and change. These are opportunities for us to grow and to learn to treat ourselves with compassion. We cannot always choose what happens to us, but we can choose to respond to it in the best possible way. I am here to walk with you through the difficult times and to help you do that.

Making change requires self-awareness and courage.

My aim is that every person who walks through my door is given the tools and conditions they need – not just to survive, but also to grow and thrive.


I am a counsellor working with adults at every stage in life; how we relate to ourselves can open us up to more meaningful relationships in our outer world.  I provide a safe, stable and creative place to explore both historical and present life patterns that can be worked with to illuminate and provide gateways to a more integrated, authentic self and sense of purpose.

Some areas I work with, but are not limited to: anxiety, depression, relationships,  trauma, life goals/personal development, creativity.

About me:

I am working towards my MA in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy at the Institute of Psychosynthesis (accredited by Middlesex University, London), having completed my counselling training at the Institute.

I worked at MIND in Hastings from 2009-2013 as an art facilitator and activities coordinator.

As an arts facilitator, I work with MENCAP adults.

I am a practicing artist, with a BA Hons degree from the Slade School of Art (University College London)

I also hold a BA in Human Development from the school of education at  Boston College, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, USA

UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) member






I am a qualified Psychotherapist, Psychotherapeutic counsellor, and leadership coach. UKCP accredited and BACP registered. My main experience is working with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, burnout and life changing events. As an ex-corporate professional working in high pressure, multicultural environments I have particular understanding of the main challenges faced when trying to balance work and personal life and live in line with your purpose and values.

Rawden Wren.jpg
Towcester Clinic at Towcester Therapy Centre, 8 Sponne Walk, Off Watling Street, Towcester, Northamptonshire UK

Find your life-meaning, heal your past, transform your life and your future.

I am a fully qualified Psychosynthesis Psychotherapist offering online and face to face therapy. I am a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and hold full clinical membership at the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapists (UKCP). I am also a member of the Association of Psychospiritual Practitioners and I abide with all these organisations’ strict codes of conduct.

Contact me if you are struggling and are wondering if counselling might help you get through this challenging and frightening time.

Sessions can be for weeks, months or even longer – whatever is right for you. Together we explore your hopes for therapy as well as what you need right now to find some ground, bring clarity and begin to restore your connection to you.

Session duration and fee:
Initial session: 90 minutes
Future sessions: 60 minutes
Fee: £60 payable prior to each session.

Want to know more?
Go to or give simply send an email or text using the contact details above.



IMG_1298 (3).JPG

I am a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist. Psychosynthesis has been described as ‘a psychology with a soul’, it recognises that each of us is on a journey through life that is both purposeful and meaningful, even though at times it can be difficult and painful. I am here to offer a sanctuary – some time for yourself in which to explore in depth what it is really like to be you.

I believe taking time out of our lives to step back and take stock is really important. I have been trained to help you explore your experience and will support and guide you to find new perspectives and direction.

I have practice rooms in both St Albans and Hendon, if you feel I can be of assistance to you please do not hesitate to call or email for a relaxed discussion about what you are seeking.

Glastonbury, United Kingdom

I trained at the Institute of Psychosynthesis and graduated in 2001. I work with individual adults. I offer psychosynthesis psychotherapy and counselling, and also energy healing either in person or at distance. Most often these days clients like to have sessions which include both these elements, as energy healing can greatly speed up and enhance the benefits which can be felt from the counselling .

I have been practising psychosynthesis psychotherapy for over twenty years now. I continue to add skills often geared towards developing my work with energy – as I find this area increasingly fascinating, efficacious and rewarding.

As an accredited member of UKCP I work under the UKCP Code of Ethics and Practice. I am also a member of the APP ( Association of Psychospiritual Practitioners) .

Please see my website for more information about myself and my work.

portrait (1).jpg
Mortimer Street, London W1, UK and London NW4

Sometimes we lose our way, lose our connection to our true ‘Self’

As a psychosynthesis psychotherapist, my aim will be to guide you back to living as you were meant to be.

By releasing the shackles of limiting behaviours and ideas that formed through your upbringing and environment, choices become available to bring about a more purposeful and meaningful life.

Therapy is a space for reflection – A time to explore

The way I work is creative and informal. Coming from a background of the arts, my interests span cinema, theatre,art, music and poetry; all of which inform the healing techniques I find most powerfully transformative.

I came to Psyhosynthesis through my own experience of ‘Dis-ease’ which gives me personal insight and empathy with the suffering of others.

head shot pic copy copy1.jpg
Albert Rd, London N22 7AQ, UK

I am psychosynthesis psychotherapist and counsellor and I have been in practice since 2001. I trained originally at the Institute of Psychosynthesis in London. I was a faculty member at the Institute of Psychosynthesis and worked as a trainer, Right Relations group leader and course tutor. I am currently in private practise working in North London where I offer therapy, counselling and supervision. I am also a training therapist working with students from different training backgrounds.

My way of working is grounded in psychosynthesis and integrative transpersonal theory and is informed by several threads; Marion Woodman’s BodySoul Rhythms work with dreaming and the body, Authentic Movement and Somatic Experiencing. After completing the MA in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy I went on to train with Jungian Analyst Marion Woodman and completed the Woodman Foundation Leadership Training Program in 2010. I work extensively with the labyrinth, as a metaphor, an archetype and as an embodied meditation practise and I am a Veriditas trained labyrinth facilitator.

I work with a wide range of issues and have a particular interest in exploring how to navigate life’s different thresholds and try to live more of who we really are, whilst also meeting the demands of daily life. 

Alongside therapy and supervision work I also facilitate groups and have been offering labyrinth retreat days, trainings and workshops since 2005. My group work weaves together Psychosynthesis, BodySoul rhythms, movement, working with myth and story, meditation and personal reflection and often includes a candlelit labyrinth walk. My workshop information can be found at

Hampstead Garden Suburb, London, NW11, United Kingdom

Psychological work helps us to understand how our personality has developed over time; spiritual work connects us to our deepest sense of purpose, meaning and values. Psychosynthesis embraces both, enabling us to find the ground that holds us through the inevitably changing waters of the river of life.

When we invite a kind attention and compassion to the places where we feel broken and wounded, we begin a process of healing, learning and bringing forth what is calling to be expressed in our life.  This builds a deep reservoir of resilience, from which we are able to recognise and move beyond adaptations and limitations linked to early survival, reconnect with our inner wisdom and realise our true potential.

The long-term influences of shamanic practice, Eastern spirituality, yoga, meditation, poetry and myth run through my work.  Alongside my practice as a therapist, I teach a safe, accessible balance of yin, yang and restorative hatha yoga that facilitates holistic wellbeing and a kinder relationship to the body, feelings and mind.  My professional experience includes thirty years’ experience in the corporate world, as an HR Director, leadership development expert and coach.

I am also a Training Supervisor, working towards the Diploma in Integrative, Transpersonal Supervision at The Psychosynthesis Trust.  I offer low cost, individual/group, in person/online supervision for coaches, counsellors and psychotherapists, which meets the supervision requirements of both UKCP and BACP.

S Ballester small2.jpg

I am a psychotherapist working in private practice in Norwich, Norfolk.  I am also a stress management therapist and have been working with clients in private practice since 2001 as an Autogenic Therapist.  I normally work face to face but am able to work online or over the phone when meeting in person is not possible.

You might make the decision to come to therapy because a situation in life has arisen recently that is too emotionally difficult for you to handle alone.  Or there may be longer term issues or patterns of distress coming from your history which you have been unable to resolve. Therapy helps you to gain insight into long term patterns of distress, and thus you are helped to begin the process of change.  In your first session we will explore whether therapy is suitable for you or not, and then we will have a review after a few sessions before deciding to continue further. Each person’s needs are unique, so your own therapy is tailored to your own needs.

All sessions are strictly confidential.



Bernadette is an experienced counsellor, psychotherapist, supervisor and coach working within an integrative, Psychosynthetic framework. Her therapy practice focuses on attachment, relationships, eating disorders and personality disorders from her Harley Street Practice.

Bernadette has focused predominantly within the business world for professionals working across a broad range of disciplines, including banking and finance. The journey of  self-exploration is always central to her approach and is underpinned by her own professional framework of health, wellness and the soul as it journeys through its own discovery, recovery and future resilience.

Working in both personal and workplace spheres Bernadette has a wealth of experience in corporate shame, narcissism and interpersonal challenges.  She delivers seminars, workshops and professional talks within the above themes as related to business and professional development.

Face-to-face and virtual appointments are available.

Life throws up many challenges, especially in our health and our relationships, and whether we are alone or sharing our life with another, we can sometimes experience fear…doubt; the deepest love….the darkest hatred. We can feel lost…and belong; find joy for life but also experience addiction, depression and paralysing anxiety. There are times when we grow and thrive but other times when we can feel destroyed by life, by what happens to us, and around us.

As we move from one stage of life to another our relationship to ourselves, others, and the world calls us to heal from past traumas, mature internally and externally, and address the ‘crazy’ places we can inhabit as human beings. Psychotherapy is for those who want to do more than just ‘survive’.

I work  holistically, with the whole person, and the whole of life.  With our sense of separateness and connection to others; with hopes dreams and our suffering. My approach blends the wisdom of ancient teachings with the most contemporary theory in depth psychological and neuroscience.


As confidante and guide I walk alongside my clients in whatever capacity they need on a ‘road less travelled’.



Keith is an integrative psychosynthesis psychotherapist, qualifying at the Institute in 1990.  I am also a supervisor, accredited by the Institute in 1996.  I am BACP senior accredited (no: 508615) and UKCP registered (no: 930276).  From 2003-2010 I was training director of the Psychosynthesis Trust, where I am still a trainer and supervisor.  For about 10 years up to 2017 I have been Chair of Training Standards of the Humanistic & Integrative College of UKCP.   I am currently completing Roger Evans’s 5DL coaching training.  My other field is I am a qualified and registered Alexander Technique practitioner.   For many years I have also been a Clinical Associate of  Pink Therapy, a network of senior practitioners working with LGBT issues.    In terms of therapy and supervision work, I would describe myself as a generalist, with specialisms in the areas of self-esteem, sexuality, relationships and life crises.   I work mainly from home in the Rotherhithe/Bermondsey area, and at the Psychosynthesis Trust near London Bridge.  (The latter offers disabled access.)  My regular fee is £65 per hour for individuals, and £80 for couples, but can make reductions by arrangement.

London, United Kingdom
Golders Green Road, London, United Kingdom

I am a Psychosynthesis Psychotherapist and Couples Counsellor, UKCP registered and have been working in this field for 20 years.   I specialise in relationship issues as well as working with clients to fulfil their aspirations and potential.  I am a Trainer at the Institute of Psychosynthesis and though I work in the context of psychosynthesis, my work is also influenced by the teachings of  Thich Nhat Hahn.

Jecca Photo.jpg

Psychosynthesis practitioner, facilitator and guide. I began my professional career as a practising lawyer but branched out into other interests while living abroad with my husband and children. A ‘spiritual awakening’ in Indonesia eventually led me to train in psychosynthesis and from that time I have committed to a deepening of my experiential understanding of ‘Self.’ Since qualifying as a psychosynthesis psychotherapist in 2005, I have added energy therapy, Mindfulness practice and a training in supervision to my portfolio. Nowadays I balance a career in novel-writing with family life, and a thriving private practice in Penn (near High Wycombe), Buckinghamshire. I have a particular interest in the creative process, and use of the imagination in therapeutic healing.

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Terapia Consultancy 9 Coldbath Square Central London EC1R 5HL, Bloomsbury London WC1H 9SA

I offer long and short term counselling and psychotherapy for individuals and couples in central London. I am UKCP Accredited and a Member of the BACP and hold both diplomas in counselling and psychotherapy and a MA in Psychotherapy and Counselling. I am in regular supervision for both individual and couples’ work with a Tavistock trained couples’ supervisor.

Psychotherapy and counselling are immensely helpful tools when life challenges us beyond what we feel we can cope with: the sudden loss of a job, the breakup of a relationship or the loss of a loved one. But even when we are not dealing with something as big as this and may simply feel adrift, as if life has lost its meaning, or like we are struggling to reconnect to a sense of enthusiasm either professionally or personally, psychotherapy and counselling can help us to understand what is going on and enable us to go beyond limitations set by old patterns which no longer serve us, so that we may evolve into a better version of ourselves.

My commitment to you is to provide you with a safe sanctuary in which we can work collaboratively, to transform times of crisis or stuckness into growth spurts, through which you become a more resourceful, self-directed, fulfilled and happier person.  I’ve been running a busy central London private practice for over 10 years and have had very successful outcomes in treating individuals with issues ranging from, anxiety, work stress, relationship problems, addiction, eating disorders, OCD, abuse, bereavement, loss of meaning, blocked creativity and a desire for personal growth and new direction in life.

As well as English, I speak Italian, French and Spanish and am happy to draw upon these with anyone for whom English is not their first language.

Relationship Couples Counsellor Richard Cole.jpg
41 Brunswick Place, Hove, UK

Couple Counselling

I work as a relationship counsellor using EFT – Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy. I offer skype sessions. Please see for  more information.

Maidenhead, Berkshire, United Kingdom

Please, contact via my contact page :

Psychotherapy for Soul

A client gained the insight, “I am a constantly evolving human being,” after several months of Psychotherapy for Soul (quoted with permission).

For psychotherapy, the painting suggests chaos, the mind in torment
Original, © Anne Strange, 2015

I quote his words because they clearly sum up what Psychotherapy for Soul is about, which is:

Evolving as a human being.

Expanding our Soul, which means our lived experience of being who we are.

Hence, living a life ever more fruitful, more abundant, with more meaning, more fulfilled, and with more zest for life.

Psychotherapy for Soul: Healing Past Traumas

However, shrinking of Soul begins in childhood:

Some of us suffer trauma through acts of violence against us.

Many of us suffer from the lack of loving care and regard that we need. As a result, we may feel untouched by love.

Even the best of those who care for us have lapses: Times of sadness, grief, pain, sickness, anger, or distraction. Just being human. With an infant’s finely tuned senses, each lapse is a wound to Soul. An infant for whom the only time is now.

As a result of such traumas, the wounding and shrinking of Soul carries over into adulthood. Then, we may suffer: Anxiety, panic attacks. Sadness, depression. Low self-confidence, self-esteem or self-worth. Troubled relationships. Whatever shrinks our lived experience of being who we are.

Therefore, Psychotherapy for Soul is about healing such childhood traumas. Thus, it is about restoring Soul. To help us find the path towards a more vital, fruitful, abundant, meaningful, and fulfilled life.

For psychotherapy, the painting depicts a dancer full of vitality
Dancer, © Anne Strange, 2015

Psychotherapy for Soul: Visioning the Future

Equally, Psychotherapy for Soul is about the future. There are times when we begin to feel there must be more in life than we are enjoying. Which means, more joy, love, fulfilment, the realisation of whom we truly are.

Psychotherapy for Soul can be exciting, enriching and transforming. A catalyst for profound change in our experience of being alive, by:

Growing as a person. Finding qualities in ourselves we didn’t know were there.

Discovering and realising our potentiality more and more.

Gaining insight into our unique purpose. The meaning of our life. The values which inform and inspire it.

Then, our life can be a journey of self-realisation and joy. Ever more vital, fruitful, abundant, meaningful, and fulfilled.

My Psychotherapy Practice

At the heart of psychotherapy is the relationship between client and therapist. A personal, professional, confidential, therapy relationship. My role is provide a safe environment. In which you can explore your life experience and the issues which trouble you. During regular individual 50-minute sessions, we work together on whatever issues you choose to explore.

I have practiced as a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist for 20 years. I trained at The Institute of Psychosynthesis, London. During the last six years, I have studied the ancient healing practice of Shamanism. I trained at Eagle’s Wing College of Contemporary Shamanism.

Now, I have written a book ‘‘Soulfulness : The Marriage of Shamanic and Contemporary Psychology’’. I describe how a present day form of Shamanism can be integrated into a mainstream therapy practice like mine. From this work, I have developed Psychotherapy for Soul, bringing in a wealth of Shamanic thought and practice:

Shamanic Psychology: The profound wisdom embodied in the Medicine Wheel – the wheel of health and wholeness. Which illuminates many aspects of human existence and human frailty.

Shamanic Practice: Once widespread, these are empathic, gentle, and relaxed techniques serving the restoring and expanding of Soul.

I also provide Couple Counselling.


My psychotherapy practice is in the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead. I serve clients in Berkshire, South Buckinghamshire, and South Oxfordshire.

To contact me, please go to my Contact page. I look forward to hearing from you.

Cost of Sessions

My standard fee is £75 per 50-minute individual session, and £110 per 75-minute couple session, reviewed annually. At the same time, I am willing to agree a session fee based on what you can afford as a priority expense. Be it less or more than my standard fee.

Ellery Road, London SE19 3QG, United Kingdom

I offer psychotherapy in South East London, near Crystal Palace. I use a range of approaches, in a confidential and non-judgemental space, to help you improve your wellbeing and overcome symptoms and issues you might be facing. My aim is that together we can help you improve your wellbeing which can include

• Having a confidential safer space to share your deepest concerns
• Feeling deeply listened to and supported
• Better understanding of the symptoms you experience and why they may have developed
• Developing skills and tools to manage difficult feelings, thoughts and body sensations
• More able to live in the here and now rather than through the legacy of your past experiences
• Knowing, understanding and managing different aspects of your personality
• Knowing and developing a stronger sense of who you feel you really are
• Clearer purpose and direction in life
• More confidence and self-esteem
• Better able to be in relationship with yourself and others around you
• Being more resilient and able to cope with life’s difficulties and their effects on you

Issues you might bring

You are probably looking for help because you are experiencing issues you are finding difficult to manage on your own. These issues and difficulties might include:

• feelings of anxiety or depression
• stress at work and burnout
• lack of confidence and self esteem
• feelings of loneliness and isolation
• difficulties in relationships
• living with the legacy of traumatic experiences
• stressful family life
• separation or divorce
• anger
• a sense of being out of control or panic
• lack of motivation and deeper meaning in life and a sense of something missing
• feelings of surviving rather than thriving.
• difficulty in making choices or in achieving certain goals, such as career changes.

I use a range of approaches. My original training was in psychosynthesis psychotherapy. I have since added knowledge and skills in attachment theory, sensorimotor, EMDR and trauma-informed therapy.

My approach

To support you achieve better wellbeing I use a range of approaches. My original training from 2006 was in psychosynthesis psychotherapy. Psychosynthesis therapy is a broad based approach that works to understand the issues and problems that you are currently facing by looking at aspects of your past. It looks at the patterns you have developed and seeks to uncover hidden or underdeveloped parts of yourself so that you can realise your future potential and find purpose and meaning.

I have since added knowledge and skills in attachment theory, sensorimotor and trauma-informed therapy. But the most important aspect of our work together will be whether you feel I am someone you would like to work with and are able, over time, so share your deepest concerns with. Research has shown that the most important factor across multiple different therapy approaches is the therapeutic relationship between the therapist and the client.  A Clinical Psychology Review article in 2013 said “the therapeutic alliance (relationship between therapist and client) plays an extremely important role in the change process”.

So the most important decision you will need to make in choosing a therapist to work with is whether I am somebody you would like to work with. The initial assessment is an important way of helping you know this.

Approach and Duration
The number of sessions will depend on the issues or problems you are bringing, and whether they are specific or general in nature, and is always dictated by your needs and choices.

The first session is an opportunity for us to meet and get to know each other. I will ask you general questions about yourself, your background and your reasons for seeking counseling. You will have the opportunity to ask me questions about my background and experience, the counseling approach I use and anything else you may wish to know.

Each session lasts an hour and we would review the work regularly.

For more information about how I work please see my website

To arrange an initial consultation please contact me.

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Falmer Road, London EN1 1PZ, UK
Hello, I’m Jason a UKCP accredited Psychotherapist and UKCP approved Supervisor with over 20 years of experience in the field of psychotherapy. Over the past two decades, I’ve been privileged to hold numerous key leadership and development roles within psychiatric settings, bringing a wealth of experience, ideas, and imagination to each role I undertake.My training includes a broad range of therapeutic approaches, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), and Psychosynthesis. I have studies at Middlesex University, the Institute of Psychosynthesis, Surrey University, and the Association of Psychological Therapies.I also hold a Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy Supervision, which has allowed me to share my experience and knowledge as a teacher and supervisor to counselling students at the Psychosynthesis Trust in London. I have always believed in the power of continuous learning and mentorship, and I am passionate about inspiring the next generation of therapists.

A significant portion of my work has been dedicated to aiding patients suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder. My expertise in this area has informed the design, development, and implementation of outpatient programs for several Psychiatric Hospitals. Alongside the therapeutic journey, I am committed to fostering a supportive community for my patients by facilitating the development of therapeutic communities, fellowships, and support groups.

My practice continues to change, grow, and evolve, just like the individuals I have the privilege to work with. I remain as committed as ever to the well-being and personal growth of my patients.

As your therapist, my primary aim is to provide a safe, accepting, and compassionate space where you feel genuinely heard, understood, and supported. Life can be challenging, and seeking help is a brave step – one that you don’t have to take alone. I am here, ready and available to support you on your journey towards healing and self-discovery.

UKCP Accreditation Number: 815960






33 Northmoor Road, Oxford OX2 6UR, United Kingdom

Oxford Relationship Counselling

I am a qualified relationship counsellor (MA in Psychotherapy, Institute of Psychosynthesis, Diploma Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education in Couple Counselling, Diploma Emotionally Focussed Therapy), registered with UKCP and specialising in working with couples.

There are times when the problems in your relationship become too much and you may feel stuck as a couple – distrust has replaced intimacy and you don’t know how to re-connect with your partner. As a relationship counsellor I do not take sides, but I help both partners to share difficult and often painful feelings in a safe and respectful setting. I will help you to develop skills and awareness so that you can resolve areas of conflict and find greater love and harmony between you.

The sessions are your space: I listen to you and offer feedback, insights and ideas. Your session can be an hour or an hour and a half, and, is at the same time every week. We normally work for 4 sessions and then have a discussion to find out whether you think the therapy is going to be helpful to you. I will indicate roughly how long you may need in order to feel the benefits in your life although it is your decision when you are ready to leave.

The cost of a session is £70, with a concessionary rate of £50, and I offer a student/unemployed rate of £20.

I am a qualified UKCP and BACP accredited psychotherapist with experience in long and short term counselling.
I take an integrative approach with my work, working with Person Centered, Gestalt, Jungian, Psychoanalytic and Psychosynthesis theories. The heart of my work is mindfulness with a respect of where a client currently is in their life.

I understand how life can sometimes be hard, challenging, frustrating and lonely and how it can help to have therapy in those times to support and journey with.

I also understand how therapy can help make an individual empowered, accepting, liberated and aware by providing a safe, respectful and sometimes challenging space.

I work with my clients in a space where we explore together how we can hold the challenges of current life at the same time as living with purpose, meaning and creativity through psychological and spiritual growth.

Peter Crowe.jpg

A personal crisis may signal that you’re on the threshold of a new way forward.

I provide client-focused, psycho-spiritual counselling and psychotherapy with adults at every stage of life. I work with a full range of client issues, from those that constellate around crisis to those that represent the challenge of awakening – particularly since these experiences are often connected.

As a therapist, I have experience in supporting people through key life events such as: fatherhood, life transitions and retirement, bereavement and grief, trauma and dissociation, and dislocation and belonging. I have also worked with people dealing with challenges of parenting in difficult circumstances, intimacy and sexuality, communication within relationships, depression and anxiety, and questions of gender and identity.

Many of these issues prompt feelings of distress in the form of emotional pain. No life is entirely free of suffering and seeking help often means transforming a painful issue into a new source of hope.

People also choose to work with me from the desire to deepen their connection with themselves and others, to gain a sense of inner authority and leadership, and to explore their creativity and find a greater sense of purpose. Many wish to discover more joy and meaning in their lives.

Susan Harrison-15.jpg
Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, United Kingdom

Couple therapy is now included in my work, and is something I find of special interest. I have an Advanced Certificate in the Study of the Couple Relationship from Tavistock Relationships.


Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 23.03.21.png
Hendon, London NW4, United Kingdom

As a Psychosynthesis Psychotherapist and Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, I offer a safe, confidential and non-judgemental Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy and Counselling Service in Hendon, North-West London. I also offer on-line and telephone psychotherapy and counselling sessions. Sometimes life can be so overwhelming that we do not know how to cope or where to turn. Talking to a professional in confidence may help you to understand and acknowledge the feelings you are experiencing and enable you to begin to move forward in your life.
I offer a supportive and empathic therapy, focusing on you as a unique individual with your own experiences in a wide range of areas including low mood, relationship difficulties, stress, anxiety, grief, low self-esteem, lack of confidence and feelings of worthlessness in addition to many other concerns. Often there is more than one reason why you might have a vague feeling of upset in your life.
The therapy that I offer is a gentle process that can help you restore your natural sense of harmony and balance. I offer you the time, attention and respect necessary to explore, discover and help you with your worries. I will encourage you to access your own resources and guide you to reach an understanding of your life enabling you to make the choices required towards your own greater Being.

This member has completed UKCP Covid-19 Online Working Guidance

South West London - Streatham, Tooting Broadway, Clapham South
11 Park Road, Moseley, Birmingham B13 8AB, United Kingdom

Please see my website for details.

me new2.jpg

I am a psychotherapist, offering psychosynthesis counselling, psychotherapeutic counselling, psychotherapy and meditation training.

As a registered and accredited member of the UKCP, BACP and APP, I abide by the BACP and UKCP code of ethics.

Since 2007, I have worked with a range of clients in the following three areas:

  • Clients facing one off issues. This could be anything from a relationship break-down, to dealing with a problem at work, or removing a blockage to achieving a goal
  • Clients who are affected by, and wish to address, deeper issues. For example, feelings of isolation, fear of intimacy, relationship problems, unresolved family issues, anxiety and depression
  • Clients interested in personal development. For example, clients wishing to find who they really are, develop themselves and lead a more satisfying life

I also have experience of working with clients in a range of areas including relationship and family issues, becoming a mother and raising children, addictions and 12 Step programmes, eating disorders, offending, disability, financial problems, work related issues and spiritual matters.

Being passionate about my work, I continue to be amazed by what people are capable of in the right circumstances. On a cloudy day, the sun is still shinning, and so it is with you. I believe that within each of us, there is an unlimited depth of innate wholeness and wellbeing, but sometimes we get a little lost and need some help to find our way back. As an experienced guide, who has walked these paths many times, I will gladly help you find your way.

If you have any questions about how I can help, I would love to hear from you.

Replingham Road / Southfields / SW18

Experienced Psychotherapist offering counselling, psychotherapy and supervision in Southfields.

I work with adults who are experiencing life crises, or periods of change and who are seeking new direction in life. Specific issues may include: adults suffering the effects of a difficult  childhood which may result in chronic unhappiness, sensitivity or shame; childhood abuse; trauma in adult life, PTSD; trauma symptoms: flashbacks, nightmares, discomfort in the body; anxiety, panic or depression; identity issues: ‘who am I’; difficulties with intimacy and relationship.

The therapy relationship is widely recognised as being important in facilitating healing and growth. I aim to provide a supportive and confidential space in which trust can develop, so that gently challenge and exploration of new ways of being and relating can  be included.

My approach is relational and integrative and includes many theories including  Psychosynthesis, Psychodynamic theory and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.

During the sessions we work mainly through talking but may include working with trauma or body symptoms using  mindfulness and movement; working with  the imagination and  dreams using visualisation and drawing;  meditation and journalling.

St Agnes, Cornwall, United Kingdom

Colette is registered with the UKCP, a member of APP and her practice is supervised by The Institute of Psychosynthesis, London.

Colette currently lives in Cornwall with her family and has a practices in St Agnes and Falmouth.

jw010 new 2.jpg

Each of my clients brings their own personal journey with their own unique set of challenges and potential. I work with helping my clients to not just manage the difficulties they face, but to help them release the energy that is locked in old patterns and habits, originating in their history, in order to transform their lives and realise their potential.

I am originally from New Zealand and lived in London for 17 years before moving with my young family to Stroud. My practice is in Westbury-on-Trym in Bristol.

I am a group facilitator and trainer at the Institute of Psychosynthesis in London.

28 Carter Walk, Penn, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP10 8ER

I have been a psychosynthesis psychotherapist for around 20 years. I like to work in a very supportive manner, really hearing you with full attention. I hold compassion and care for you as very important, even whilst challenging you if necessary. I aim to be authentic, honest and open. I keep our work totally confidential.

We can look at therapy as working through four phases:

Phase 1 – becoming aware of your inner world. Most of the time we do not think about our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations, but each of these drives our behaviour and how we experience life. Often our thoughts, feelings and sensations have their roots in our past and may no longer be relevant, yet still colour our view of the world. To get going in therapy, the first step is beginning to notice what is going on inside you. Doing this is not only the first step, but in its own right brings change. You begin to see that you are more than your thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations: that these are only things that you know. Seeing this starts to bring more peace, love and happiness to your life;

Phase 2 – builds on your growing self knowledge by examining it further, particularly memories and beliefs. When we look at these carefully, we often find that they do not make as much sense as we have imagined. By exploring them we begin to build a more coherent story about our life and to feel more coherent and whole. With this comes increasing flexibility in dealing with life;

Phase 3 – is where we move past the ways we have had to adapt ourself to life, moving past denial, shame and guilt. We begin to open to our deeper needs and our life purpose, meaning and values, rather than those we have inherited;

Phase 4 – takes our new found learning into the world and into all our relationships, whether at home, work or leisure. In this phase our new found openness to ourself allows us to have more open, richer and intimate relationships with others. We learn to love and be loved without betraying ourself.

Although I speak of four phases, in practice all these phases are simultaneous. A better picture would be of a spiral, where we cycle through these phases again and again, but each time at greater depth.

Theo Dijkman.png
office 6, 14 Albany Street, Edinburgh EH1 3QB, UK


Originally from the Netherlands I have lived in Scotland since 1984. I have always felt inspired by the arts in all its forms. It informed my early work as an artist-craftsman and continues to be central to my work as a psychotherapist.

For 20 years I worked as a senior manager in mental health where I had a responsibility for policy and service development. I continue to deliver training to staff and management teams as a consultant.

I have been registered with UKCP as a psychotherapist since 2003. For 10 years I was a senior faculty member with the Institute of Psychosynthesis until 2019 and continue to support students completing their MA thesis.

I completed the following training.

  • MA Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy validated by Middlesex University
  • Diploma Psychosynthesis Therapeutic Counselling
  • a Certificate in Psychodynamic supervision with the Scottish Institute of Human Relations
  • a Foundation in Group Analysis with the Institute of Group Analysis

My current work in private practice consists of

  • individual psychotherapy and counselling
  • clinical supervision
  • training and consultancy work with organisations
Finchley, London N3, United Kingdom

My life’s living work over the past  70 years, has been varied, challenging, invigorating, exhausting sad and joyful.
I have studied, worked and taught the dance of the energetic body, the souls journey.
Historically as a Potter, Mother, teacher and Shiatsu practitioner, Psychosynthesis Trainer, Supervisor and group facilitator.

I am currently working in private practice as  a Psychotherapist, and, and supervisor.
Alongside this, I paint Buddhist Iconography, and botanical painting, I am a performing Musician, Partner, Mother and Grandmother.

Our lives are  always full of challenge, challenges which  can be both exhilarating and confronting as the wheel of life keeps turning, and life always keeps happening.
Meeting these challenges; Emotional healing and the healing/saving of our planet, is both difficult  and exciting, this is true in every era but for us its in the here and now.
An active Commitment to this Self healing and growth process, journeying in this together, side by side,  is exceptionally important.  The contribution which we make both to ourselves, our families, friends and communities, is an action
For each small step we make that  helps our own wounding,  in turn makes a consequential impact on the world around us.

_20170608_080307 (3) resize2(1).jpg
Replingham Road Southfields (near Wimbledon) London SW18

The impulse to come to therapy often stirs because something in our lives feels cracked or broken. This crack hurts and we reach out because we want the hurting to stop. Within the tradition of depth psychology this healing is not about patching over the crack, it’s about recognising a more expansive experience of ourselves which is pushing into our lives and seeking to be born. For the crack which brings us into therapy is also a doorway to a more authentic, purposeful and vital life.

As a Psychotherapist with 20 years experience I am committed to working creatively and in depth with individuals who are unhappy in themselves or in relationship with others. Rooted in Psychosynthesis, my approach is relational, creative and integrative. I have particular interest in issues of purpose, identity and self expression which surface at transitional points such as becoming a parent, bereavement, separation, or mid life.

My book ‘HIDDEN WONDERS OF THE HUMAN HEART – How to See Through your Sorrow’ is available at and at all good book retailers

Located in Southfields in South West London, my practice is easily accessible by tube on the District Line (3 mins walk) and by road and overground rail (Earlsfield BR 12 mins walk) from places such as Putney, Richmond, Clapham, Wandsworth and Wimbledon.




DSC08061 copy web site.jpg
Balham/Tooting London SW17 7SL, United Kingdom

I practise in South West London, in Balham/Tooting.

I am a supervisor holding qualifications from Revision and from the Institute of Psychosynthesis.


You can find more about how I work and my background on my website at


Chediston, Halesworth, Suffolk IP19 0AE, UK

Sue Holland is a UKCP registered psychotherapist supervisor and has been practising since 1992. She is also a licensed Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), and APECS accredited leadership coach, executive coach and supervisor. Sue is also a BACP accredited  trainer. As a psychotherapist Sue works with a diverse range of adult clients, long and short term. She has BUPA provision. As a coach and consultant, Sue works and trains internationally with adult individuals and teams at all management levels. She also coaches private individuals on energy management and creative development.

Sue’s core working philosophy is psychosynthesis. During her many years practising she has been influenced by and integrated Somatic Experiencing; psychodynamic; Gestalt; existential; person centred and CBT theories and practice. Sue is experienced, creative and open-minded.

Sue is director of On Purpose Consulting Limited, an international training and consultancy organisation. Previously a senior faculty member at The Institute of Psychosynthesis,  Sue is now an associate lecturer.

Sue is a  ‘Corporate Athlete’ certified coach; ‘Precision Nutrition’ certified coach; Level 2 Gym coach.  She is also a Lotus Nei Gong certified qigong teacher.  She combines these skill sets to coach in and teach energy management for health and wellbeing internationally.

Sue runs bespoke training workshops focusing on the alignment of body, feeling, mind and spirit. Her interest lies in how to attune and listen deeply to our internal and external ecosystems for collective wellbeing.

Sue also works in French and Dutch.


I offer one to one sessions for counselling and psychotherapy where I provide a safe space in which you may explore whatever is pressing for you. You may want to work on a particular issue or explore reoccurring experiences, patterns of behaviour or styles of relating. You may be suffering physically, psychologically or emotionally, and may need to express your concerns, fears and hopes. Perhaps you are searching for healing and wholeness, or are suddenly confronted with a crisis and are very anxious. Maybe you just need to talk, tell your story, and just be how you are without any need to be anything in particular for anyone. You may be curious about what it is you really value and wish to explore this.

I am fully committed to helping you resolve or dissolve your problems.

32-33 Upper Street, London N1 0PN, United Kingdom

If we really want to come to know ourselves, at some point we have to stop running and reflect on how we got to where we are. 

I am currently offering sessions online over Skype, Zoom or by telephone, please contact me to discuss.

Croftdown Rd, London NW5 1EN, United Kingdom

‘When the existence and marvellous power of the deeper self is recognised, the “Know Thyself” of the Delphic Oracle acquires a new and profounder meaning. It no longer means only “analyse your thoughts and feelings and actions”, it means study your most intimate self, discover the real being hidden in the depths of your soul, and learn its marvellous potency.” This quote from Roberto Assagioli is one of my favourite and says it all.

I have been a psychosynthesis psychotherapist for nearly 30 years. I am a registered supervisor with UKCP,  training therapist, and group worker. I have extensive experience in the field of addiction, and teach a psychospiritual model of addiction in various settings. I am also part of StepInAsap a group of psychotherapists who bring both personal and professional experience to developing understanding and insight into  ‘Contempory ‘family dynamics in the light of the evolving nuclear family.

I am an Accredited Psychotherapist with UKCP, member of CAP, and PCU.


Gian has worked as a Psychotherapist and Counsellor for the last 17 years in Private Practice, in Primary care (NHS), and various national charities like the Royal National Institute of the Blind, Missing People, and SurvivorsUK. Over the last 4 years he has also trained and worked as a Transpersonal Supervisor.

Gian’s qualifications: MA Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy (obtained from the Institute of Psychosynthesis – London), Transpersonal and Integrative Supervision (obtained from the Psychosynthesis Trust – London), Relationship Therapy Qualification, Practitioner Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Anxiety and Depression for Humanistic and Integrative Practitioners, PG Dip Counselling Psychosynthesis, UKCP Registered Psychotherapist and Supervisor, Registered member of BACP.

As an accredited member of UKCP Gian practices under the UKCP Code of Ethics and Practice. He is also member of the APP (Association of Psychospiritual Practitioners).

Gian works with both individuals and couples.

He is a supervisor at the Psychosynthesis Trust in London Bridge, and a supervisor in private practice.

£70 standard fee for individual counselling, therapy and supervision
£90 standard fee for couples

Reduced fee available to students and daytime sessions (before 5pm).

“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth”. Rumi

Finchley Road, London NW11 0AA, United Kingdom

BA (Hons) Fine Art/Art History, MA Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy, UKCP registered psychotherapist. Debbie studied Fine Art and Art History at Middlesex University prior to her qualification as a psychotherapist at the Institute and has continued to develop her creative arts projects alongside her psychotherapeutic work. She is a senior trainer and supervisor at the Institute and now includes energy psychotherapeutic methods in her practice and teaching. She has had a private psychotherapy practice in North London for over 20 years.

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