Student Psychotherapeutic Counsellor in Training

Richmond-upon-Thames, Richmond, UK

Hello,  I am a fully qualified counsellor, having completed the four-year training programme at the Insitute of Psychosynthesis. I was awarded my Counselling Diploma in 2017 and I have just graduated with my Master’s in Psychosynthesis Psychology in June, 2019, where my thesis was awarded a distinction. I also received the Emma Stavrou Thesis Award. I am continuing training with a view to completing the Psychotherapy Diploma. I have experience in private practice and also in an NHS Hospital setting. I have worked with clients on issues of self-esteem, career-change, crises of meaning,  grief, early childhood trauma,  addiction and co-dependency, body dysmorphia, anxiety and life-stage transition.  I have some evening availability Monday and Wednesday and availability Fridays. My therapy room is one minute walk from Richmond Tube and Train station.  Thank you, Carole

Hampstead, London, UK

There is no problem too big or small, even a fleeting feeling of curiosity  can lead to a great journey of self discovery.

Psychosynthesis is  a therapeutic approach to overcoming life issues. It is a philosophy of living, which enables a client to find a unique spiritual path towards personal freedom, development and growth.

I am a therapist in training, offering affordable  counselling. Also, I speak two languages, English and Russian.

Key areas  working with clients include:

  1. Psychological disturbances, such as  frustration, anger, anxiety and panic attacks
  2. Feeling stuck, imposter syndrome, fears of missing out
  3. Family issues, and confrontational situations at work
  4. Creative expression and sexuality
  5. Addictions and  12 Step recovery
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People seek counselling for various reasons

– Personal development, insight, and Self knowledge

– Addressing and resolving feelings of distress and/or loss

– Managing challenges with mental health

– Regaining psychological wellness

– Improving relationships

Psychosynthesis is a psychology of hope. As a trainee Psychosynthesis Counsellor/Psychotherapist I offer counselling sessions at a discounted price. We meet together for an agreed number of sessions focussing both on the presenting current issue(s) routed in the past, as well as looking to a purposeful future. I help you to reorient your direction towards personal meaning and values, assisting you to become more of your true Self while addressing your holistic needs.

Carleton Road, London N7 0ES, UK

My name is Dolma Beresford and as a psychotherapeutic counsellor in training, I offer low-cost counselling (under supervision) in North London.

If you’re searching for a counsellor then it’s likely you are experiencing some kind of distress, discomfort or dissatisfaction. This could be for many different reasons, i.e. relationships, family matters, bereavement, loss, ill health, work worries. Equally, you may have no idea of a cause but just a feeling of emptiness or lack of purpose. Counselling is not only helpful for big traumatic life events. It can also help for times when you are at a crossroads or are feeling “stuck”.

Everyone goes through challenging situations, and while you may have successfully navigated other difficult periods in your life, sometimes you need a little extra support. Through counselling, you are given a safe and confidential place to talk over your difficulties with someone who is trained to help you and committed to supporting you.

Please feel free to contact me and we can have an initial conversation about whether counselling may be appropriate for you. This initial conversation can be face to face or via email or telephone. Whatever makes you feel most comfortable and makes that initial step feel less daunting.

Whatever you bring, a gentle exploration of the issues usually reveals a deeper picture that helps you to make sense of what is happening.

I really look forward to hearing from you.

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