Claudia Marjoram

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Hello and welcome. My name is Claudia Florentina Marjoram, I am a Psychosynthesis Counsellor in training (under supervision) with The Institute of Psychosynthesis in affiliation with Middlesex University. I am UKCP registered (UK Council for Psychotherapy).

From personal experience I know that it takes a great deal of courage to acknowledge to ourselves that we might need some help, that we no longer want to suffer and struggle to cope,  no longer want to just exist, but live a full life instead.

I work with my clients in a very integrative way, by this I mean that everything is welcomed in the therapy room, all of who you are, your experiences, your feelings, and your thoughts.

Together we will explore what is going on for you at this time and find a way back to happiness, peace, contentment and your own true Self. The starting point for my work is who and where you are right now, how you arrived at this place and who and where you could be. What limits you, what prevents you from reaching your true potential?

It is a great honour to witness and walk alongside another human being on their life journey. Counselling takes immense courage and commitment and I am offering myself as a fellow traveller, a guide to support, encourage, witness and above all hold you as you journey through the highs and lows, leading to lasting change and transformation.

I really look forward to hearing from you.