Chaya Khera

90 Leigh Gardens London England NW10 5EX GB

Chaya Khera creates a safe and supportive space allowing clients to explore and understand some of the factors influencing unhelpful patterns in their life. Whilst exploring deeper feelings can be painful and difficult, it can also be a source of relief and generate real change. In fact, it is at the heart of this process of collaboration that healing can take place.

As an empathic listener, Chaya supports each client to find a way beyond distress and towards discovering their deeper potential. Her core working philosophy is Psychosynthesis and she draws on the most appropriate methods according to the unique and specific needs of the client she is working with.

Having worked as a management consultant in the Financial Services industry for more than a decade, Chaya understands how the challenges of working in the corporate world can sometimes trigger addictive behaviours, anxiety, depression or even lack of purpose. Chaya also holds understanding and experience of the journey that involves relocating to a different country and is able to hold individuals who are struggling to develop a sense of self or identity.

She supports her clients in resolving a wide range of issues including anxieties arising from the past or in the present, childhood or more recent trauma, depression, relationship difficulties, family issues, bereavement, difficulties and stress at work, as well as spiritual crises.