Ali Harrison


Hello, I am Ali, I am both passionate about, and fascinated by human relationships and what makes us who and what we are. The whole of my working life has been about connecting with people, listening, coming alongside, seeking to understand and helping to make sense of what life has dealt us, and how we can best respond, learn and grow from even the most difficult life experiences. I qualified as a counsellor in 2003 working in the field of sexual abuse, and trained at the Institute of Psychosynthesis in London graduating as a Psychotherapist in 2010. During my training, I lost my son to cancer, which took me on a profound journey into grief and love, which opened me to the depths of Presence and  the beauty of life and the growth process that can come through being undefended to human suffering. I have found the Psychosynthesis approach both inspiring, creative and wonderfully healing. The problems that bring us to therapy are also the paths to deeper self understanding and compassion.

I have also studied body psychotherapy and believe that the body and mind are not separate, but work together to express our pain and our joy in life. Our bodies can be a miraculous and highly attuned ‘mother’ to our mind and soul, so require inclusion in the therapeutic process. I am deeply nourished by my relationship with Nature and honour’ the wild and untamed’ inside, as well as around us, I practice outside as well as from my therapy room, I work face to face, in groups and via the internet and telephone.

I also work as a supervisor, a ceremonialist and am qualified in Lifespan Integration. I love to dance, drum, walk with my dog and be with people in our mutual quest for self understanding, psycho-spiritual growth and healing.