Eleni H Papadopoulos

156 Clapham High Street England SW4 7UG GB

My interests lie in nurturing a creative and interactive life journey which can prove tougher than we imagined. We may end up frustrated with what we do or don’t do and find we do not feel fulfilled with how we spend our precious time.

I believe we are all unique beings and as we may loose track of who we actually are the respite of therapy can shine a light on things and provide different perspectives. Furthermore there is a hidden gift in our life’s struggles that has the potential to empower our future endeavours as we re-discover ourselves.

At our first appointment we will discuss your current issues and establish the focus of our work together should we decide to do so. I’m a qualified Counsellor and in the Thesis Phase of MA in Psychotherapy. I have several consultation slots available. Sessions are weekly. I look forward to discussing your needs.