Elisa Bragg

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Psychotherapeutic Counselling Accreditation Body

I am passionate about redeeming our experience of suffering and exploring it as a threshold towards a deeper relationship with ourselves and others. I see it as often an initiation that often takes us by surprise, but held with compassion, it can lead us towards transformation and a sense of wholeness that is deep and enduring. After all, suffering in its original translation means “to undergo” ones process in times of change rather than being held captive in fear of life’s challenges.

Einstein said that within adversity lies opportunity. This is a powerful re-frame on what could otherwise be seen as suffering without meaning or opportunity. It also provides me with a resting place from which to approach my client work and life in general, which is with compassion, empathy and creativity.

I draw upon several different therapeutic practices to support my clients’ healing journey. No two clients are the same although they may present with similar issues, therefore I tailor my approach according to the individual, not their symptoms alone. My Psychosynthesis psychotherapy training underpins all my interventions as it teaches us to see the individual as a whole being rather than our psychopathology. Symptoms are therefore sign posts that can lead us towards greater understanding and wholeness so that we have the freedom to express ourselves as fully as we can, rather than symptoms merely being problems we need to be rid of so that we can function again.

I have had a private therapeutic practice since 2004 and have worked in the healing profession for almost 30 years. I provide one to one work as an accredited Psychotherapeutic Counsellor, Personal Development Coach and Group Facilitator. I also offer Somatic Experiencing (SE) and EMDR which are stand alone trauma release therapies specifically for PTSD and other forms of trauma such as developmental trauma or where there have been traumatic events such as an accident, domestic violence, sexual abuse, etc. With consent, I tend to include SE as part of my general therapeutic practice, as I find it to be a very powerful way to heal deep underlying issues that can often be missed in talking therapy alone.

I also offer EMDR. This can be discussed on request as it is a very specific approach to working. Again, there are occasions when I offer this as an option to clients if I feel that it would be of benefit to the healing process.

I offer short term counselling and long term psychotherapy dependent on the support you require for your particular issue. I also provide coaching and creative mentoring for clients who have a specific project in mind that they want support in birthing.

I teach meditation and mindfulness as well as creative visualisation techniques which are deeply supportive approaches in helping clients recognise and cultivate their own innate natural wisdom. Many clients experience this approach alongside therapy as an empowering tool particularly in times of stress, anxiety and crisis. Mindfulness techniques help to foster remaining steady and present rather than becoming overwhelmed by ones emotions and external circumstances.

As an experienced addictions therapist I support those struggling with compulsive and addictive behaviours including working with 12 Step Programmes, which together with therapy are a powerful healing combination. Addiction is a complex issue which is particularly prevalent in our current times. It can rob the individual of a sense of self and wellbeing leaving them feeling powerless and unmanageable around their particular addiction. In simple terms, addiction is a way to try and “fix” unwanted feelings and thoughts, but this eventually only leads to more of the same leaving the individual feeling increasingly isolated. However, in my experience with the appropriate support it can be halted, one day at a time, restoring dignity, self esteem and wellbeing.

I have spent several years being a Foster Carer for Barnet Council and have a wealth of experience raising a child in ‘the care system’ along with Social Services as the Corporate Parent.