Elspeth Campbell

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I aim to become a Psychotherapist with the Institute and I offer a low cost service while I am in training. My clients resumed in person sessions after Lockdown 1 in June 2020 as I operate high standards of hygiene and social distancing according to government guidelines.

Do you find yourself struggling to get through the day as a result of troubling situations or overwhelming experiences and issues? I offer a safe, sympathetic and confidential space for us to work towards relief from emotional pain and distress. I help you find new meaning in life.

I work with people who feel lost and who long to reconnect with themselves and others. Mostly their Will has been dampened by a difficult history of upbringing in their family and early social care environment. The consequences range from mild to severe disruption in development, unique to each person. Some develop addiction to substances, work, exercise, self-harm, gambling or retail, all of which damage self-esteem and erode confidence and belief in oneself. These create challenges in relating to others and to drawing on others as resources and to enjoying mutually supportive relationships. However, patterns of belief and behaviour can be reshaped and shifts to healthier ways of being are possible.

I have an MA in Psychosynthesis Psychology and the subject of my thesis established my special area of focus: finding transformation through trauma.