Elspeth Campbell

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I am a Psychotherapist and Counsellor, UKCP registered. I offer weekly sessions in person and have a few spaces in my practice for clients at a lower fee rate.

Do you find yourself struggling to get through the day as a result of troubling situations or overwhelming experiences and issues?  It may be that you are feeling down or life seems tedious or you feel you can’t go on. Perhaps you feel distance or discomfort in relationships with others and would like to feel more connected and cared for? I offer a safe, sympathetic and confidential space for us to work towards relief from emotional pain and distress. I help you find new meaning in life.

I work with people who feel lost and who long to reconnect with themselves and others, mostly, when Will has been dampened by a difficult history of upbringing in their family and early social care environment. The consequences range from mild to severe disruption in development, unique to each person. Some develop addiction to substances, or processes, which damage self-esteem and erode confidence and belief in oneself.  However, new patterns can be reshaped and shifts to healthier ways of Being for the rocky road of life are possible. Within the therapeutic space we aim to develop your personal self as a container for the many elements that drive you and to uncover the spark of your spiritual Self that inspires you from within.

I have an MA in Psychosynthesis Psychology and the subject of my thesis established my special area of focus: finding transformation through trauma. Being an Iyengar Yoga teacher, working with the body comes naturally to my practice to connect with how our Beings somatise our psychological state.  Please see my profile on Counselling Directory for more detail about my practice, or the Psychotherapy page on my website.

Considering psychotherapy or counselling is a significant step in choosing to value and invest in yourself by feeling seen and thereby enriching your experience in the world. I offer an initial assessment session for us to discover what is troubling you and to explore how our working together may support the work of transforming your life.