Harry Jenkins


I have been a psychosynthesis psychotherapist for around 20 years. I like to work in a very supportive manner, really hearing you with full attention. I hold compassion and care for you as very important, even whilst challenging you if necessary. I aim to be authentic, honest and open. I keep our work totally confidential.

We can look at therapy as working through four phases:

Phase 1 – becoming aware of your inner world. Most of the time we do not think about our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations, but each of these drives our behaviour and how we experience life. Often our thoughts, feelings and sensations have their roots in our past and may no longer be relevant, yet still colour our view of the world. To get going in therapy, the first step is beginning to notice what is going on inside you. Doing this is not only the first step, but in its own right brings change. You begin to see that you are more than your thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations: that these are only things that you know. Seeing this starts to bring more peace, love and happiness to your life;

Phase 2 – builds on your growing self knowledge by examining it further, particularly memories and beliefs. When we look at these carefully, we often find that they do not make as much sense as we have imagined. By exploring them we begin to build a more coherent story about our life and to feel more coherent and whole. With this comes increasing flexibility in dealing with life;

Phase 3 – is where we move past the ways we have had to adapt ourself to life, moving past denial, shame and guilt. We begin to open to our deeper needs and our life purpose, meaning and values, rather than those we have inherited;

Phase 4 – takes our new found learning into the world and into all our relationships, whether at home, work or leisure. In this phase our new found openness to ourself allows us to have more open, richer and intimate relationships with others. We learn to love and be loved without betraying ourself.

Although I speak of four phases, in practice all these phases are simultaneous. A better picture would be of a spiral, where we cycle through these phases again and again, but each time at greater depth.