Jane E Dudley

8 High Street Toddington England LU5 6BY GB

As far back as I can remember I have always been fascinated by people; ideas about people; and the meanings we make of our world.

I worked in education for many years before embarking on my psychotherapy training and my hunger to know more and deepen my practice has never left me.  I have subsequently become a supervisor, coach and latterly Sensorimotor psychotherapist working with trauma and the body.

I work holistically, with the whole person, and the whole of life. With our separateness and connectedness to others; with hopes , dreams and human suffering. My approach blends the wisdom of ancient and modern teachings with the most contemporary theory and practice in depth psychology and neuroscience.

I help individuals, couples and groups to understand themselves more deeply, communicate more effectively, cultivate inner power and freedom, and come closer to realising their potential, whatever that may be.

As confidante and guide I walk alongside my clients in whatever capacity they need oftentimes on a ‘road less travelled’.