Jay Ramsay

12-18 King Street Stroud England GL5 GB

I have been working for many years now with individuals, and more recently with couples (training with Jill Gabriel in Bath). The psychospiritual essence of my work, always directed towards self-realization, means that I take biography seriously—and you will be invited to write one in summary if you work with me. My understanding is that unresolved issues are like icons of energy in our mind-body system; we need to enter into them in order to create release as well as consciousness and healing. Understanding biography is also crucial in the work with couples and what is re-enacted unconsciously in the dynamics there. The emphasis of my work is strongly relational and orientated towards the individual in the free space of their lives: I am concerned with helping people be authentic rather than ‘fitting in’. Because I am also a published poet (please ref. to the Books page on my website) I also work creatively to facilitate expression and the deeper, enriched self that emerges through that. For me the imagination is always ‘inside knowledge’ (gnosis), and the images that come to you in waking as well as dreams are always purposeful when we learn how to read them. This is the living poetry of life itself, with all its implicit mystery. At the same time, the transition of our time is inviting us all to wake up ecologically as well as politically, and this is a vital part of what we bring into the room. I can work short or long term.

My work is also preoccupied with healing in the broadest sense of that word, having also become an accredited Member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (MNFSH). Because of my own and family experience, I can work specifically with cancer patients. My understanding is that ‘dis-ease’ of any kind begins in the emotional and mental body before becoming physical. Illness, like emotions and feelings, is always asking to be listened to and understood as well as integrated. Life itself has to be understood as initiation and threshold, always with reference to the Self that is beyond our ego and personality.

I have designed and run workshops and on-going groups over many years both here and abroad, teaching at Hawkwood nr. Stroud and more recently Schumacher College at Dartington (Events on my website). My men’s group Heart to Heart has been running since 2011. This work is also available for you where confidentiality is maintained.

Although I don’t offer low cost therapy, my fee for the work is also negociable on an individual basis within basic parameters respectful of your situation. I look forward to working with you.