Laura Jane Stewart



I am originally from Australia and have lived in London for 7 years.  I am a Psychosynthesis counsellor and psychotherapist in training  under supervision who works with clients to guide them on a journey of self discovery, self realisation and self fulfilment. Working in partnership with my clients, I create a sacred and supportive space to encourage and empower people towards discovery of their potential and their power through personal unfoldment. My holistic approach involves taking an energetic and spiritual perspective. I combine traditional talking therapy with, guided imagery, meditation, mindfulness, journaling, inner child work and energy healing techniques to help clients achieve awareness, emotional balance and freedom.

I believe that working through your pain, empowers you to find who you truly want to be. I can assist with a range of issues including, anxiety, addiction, high sensitivity, negative beliefs, personal power, depression, self-worth, confidence, loneliness, change and transition, relationships, direction, crisis and meaning and bereavement.