Ling Chen


We all long for a connection in which we are never reduced or misunderstood. Therapy is a journey of self-discovery, through which we develop a deeper self-awareness, can recognise patterns and make kinder, more positive choices for ourselves and those around us. By bringing awareness and understanding to what is causing us pain or problems, we can learn to move away from self-defeating patterns of survival and towards a new future aligned with our inner integrity.

Psychosynthesis is a transpersonal psychology that works holistically, nurturing synergy between all parts of your personality, enhance introspection, build ego strength and foster resilience. Instead of a pathologizing psychology, psychosynthesis is kind and empathic before it is probing and analytical. Keenly aware that symptom is a message to be understood rather than an obstacle to be removed, I hold an attitude of respect and a committed interest for the being of the client, the unique and mysterious nature of the other.

Having had a career in finance in London for over 10 years, I am currently training at the Institute of Psychosynthesis towards a diploma in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy. I am a registered trainee psychotherapist with UKCP and adheres to its Code of Ethics and Practice.