Peter Crowe

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42A Commercial Road Exeter England EX2 4EB GB

A personal crisis may signal that you’re on the threshold of a new way forward.

I provide client-focused counselling with a psycho-spiritual orientation and work with a full range of client issues from those that constellate around crisis to those that represent the challenge of awakening – particularly since these experiences are often connected.

I work with clients facing life events such as: relationship issues, intimacy and sexuality, issues of gender and sexual identity, fatherhood, parenting in difficult circumstances, life transitions, dislocation and belonging.

Often these issues prompt feelings of distress in the form of emotional pain, disappointment, guilt, shame, anxiety, grief, anger, depression, emotional numbness or lack of empathy. No life is entirely without suffering and seeking help often means transforming a painful issue into a new source of hope.

Conversely, clients may choose to work with me in order to explore personal development, leadership and self-assertiveness, creativity, decision-making and purpose. Many come with the aim of discovering more joy and meaning in their lives.