Peter Whelan


After a longstanding career in music therapy, Peter trained as a psychosynthesis psychotherapist and 5DL coach at the institute of psychosynthesis, London.   Combining these aspects of therapy and creativity has been significant in meeting others in crisis.  Working with trauma, addiction  and dissociation involves many levels of our Being and approaches to the therapeutic relationship.  Peter is a singer, music improvisor and art lover employing these forces and mediums of expression in a soulful therapy experience in coaching or psychotherapy.

He has worked as a senior Music therapist for over twenty years with people who have autism, SEN and mental health and emotional health needs also working with people with dissociative identity disorder as a result of trauma.  These experiences brought him to train as a psychosynthesis psychotherapist at the Institute.

Alongside his music therapy work, working as a music therapy trainee supervisor, he has a
private psychotherapy practice in psychosynthesis psychotherapy and 5 DL coaching.  he is influenced by Kabbalah, soul therapy, music and the arts.