Rachella Michaels


My name is Rachella Michaels, and I graduated from The Institute of Psychosynthesis as a Psychotherapist in 1999. I have worked face-to-face and online with individuals and couples since then.

Since the Psychosynthesis training I developed a keen interest in neuroscience and its findings, particularly in relation to the links it has found between body and mind, and how they have and continue to impact on psychotherapy, particularly in connection with working with the fallout from traumatic experiences, whether developmental, generational or incident related.

In my work I encourage the growth of self awareness and agency (the personal right to choose), the exploration of personal needs and motivations, and the psychological obstacles that block carrying out those choices or making sure those needs are met.

I have received couple therapy training following the Emotion Focused Therapy approach. I chose EFT because I felt it fitted well with the attachment style work I had become familiar with in Psychosynthesis, and because it included the focus on emotion which in my view needs to be at the forefront of couple therapy.

My work is none confrontational, and encourages the experiential development in the individual of personal skills, learnings and realisations, that support and strengthen their sense of self, their ability to face adversity, and their ability to self soothe and remain focused.

I work from just outside Salisbury in Wiltshire, both face-to-face and online, with people all over the UK and Europe.