Rob Brown


Personal Introduction

I have over 25 years’ experience leading, managing, consulting and delivering innovative solutions in micro businesses to global enterprises achieving mission critical sustained outcomes in a variety of industries. Organisation transformation and high performance work team coaching from 2010, with professional personal (life, work and leadership) coaching from 2018.

Why Do I Coach?

“Great players and great teams need great coaches too”. This work chose me. In this I finally found the creative construct for my ceaseless curiosity – I find purpose in guiding people to find their path, and then transition to live and lead authentically.

Why Do People Choose My Coaching?

We all benefit from being listened to and receiving feedback with open hearts and minds. My coachees discover a new authentic understanding of themselves and the world as they travel towards their meaningful life goals aligned to their meaning and their purpose.

What Do I Believe About Coaching?

I received great benefits when I asked a coach for help. Through his coaching my vision of myself and the world changed to something I believe in and journey joyfully forward with. We need to believe that we’ll be okay with this next seemingly difficult step, and the next, and the next. Coaching creates a tension between safety, adventure, excitement and nervousness in service of the coachee’s change-ability, and thus to growth that personally matters.

What’s It Like To Work With Me?

You know you are heard, you are seen, all of you is included, and you are accepted unconditionally. You will notice yourself, your outer world and your inner world differently. I challenge and teach you to identify and disidentify with all of your parts. I am a dedicated, kind and calm guide and travelling companion. The work you undertake with me is manageable, amazing and the experiences you have as your path emerges one step at a time are impossible to predict at the start of our journey together.

What Do You Receive From Working With Me?

To maintain focus and track progress, I typically work in sets of six sessions over three months. For each set we define your goals and work towards them. We meet fortnightly for one hour to track and “ground” your progress, to explore different perspectives and discover opportunities that become stepping stones that build up your inner abilities naturally as you journey forwards. We know you are doing it right when you are a little uncomfortable and your “goldilocks goals” turn from ideas and dreams into reality.

Outside Of Work?

I love being with my wife and eight year old son, learning, investment dabbling, travelling, cooking (especially spicy Thai specialities), eating experiences, wonderful wines and whiskies, mesmerising movies, immersive music, walking, cycling, tennis, swimming, exercising, holistic treatments, and especially conscious conversations.


I see clients between West London and The City, and more recently over FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Discord, Slack and WebEx. And when all that internet high tech breaks, sometimes even the phone for clients who have been with me long enough.

Core Belief

True freedom is the inner space you master to choose what is (good) for you.

Core Me

A warm, wise, connected presence, humble, healthy energy flow.