Roy Graff

Roy Graff
100 Borough High Street England SE1 1LB GB

I offer therapy following the Psychosynthesis modality as a trainee therapist working with a supervisor. My practice is informed by lived experience, a great deal of self-experimentation, and exploration, a range of educational courses and 7+ years of running workshops and facilitating groups.

I have had a varied career in business development and marketing for 20+ years, living on different continents and collecting many life experiences. I have lived in Europe, the Middle East, North America and Asia.

A personal and financial crisis in 2010, forced me to completely re-evaluate my life and values, begin therapy and dig deep inside for selfawareness and self-love. 

I have identified as Polyamorous since 2011, experiencing a wide variety of relationship dynamics in the spectra of Multigamy. I have assimilated knowledge from diverse sources and, most importantly, have made my own mistakes, and learnt a great deal from them.

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, these experiences led me to train in psychotherapy following the Psychosynthesis modality, and formalise what had been a hobby since 2014 (I’ve been giving talks, facilitating discussions and holding workshops about non-monogamy, sex positivity, consent and kink to audiences of up to 300 people).  I draw on my training modality, as well as Radical Honesty, Non-violent Communication and Wheel of Consent training.

My therapy is open to anyone, regardless of orientation and identity.

I have particular experience and understanding, working with people who identify as Queer, Kinky, Non-monogamous or Neurodivergent.