Sam Pope

Wedderburn Road England NW3 5QJ GB

Self-awareness and creativity are the bedrock of meaningful change. This is because it’s human nature to seek balance when we’re feeling out of balance – and the answers to feeling more grounded and whole are always found within.

I’m a certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach (Dip.Coach) and meditation host. I work with you as your guide and ally to help you engage consciously with your own inner growth.

Our 1-2-1 sessions usually start with a guided meditation and then you speak about what’s on your mind. As a life coach, I encourage anything you’d like to do creatively in your life outside of sessions. We’ll work towards a goal – either practical or emotional – over six sessions.

I also offer low-cost counselling while I complete my certification in Psychosynthesis Counselling.

This is a journey of re-connecting back to your inner voice of knowing so that you can move forwards with confidence and release the grip of old behaviour patterns that no longer serve you.


Life-coaching (certified Dip.Coach) : fortnightly for min. six sessions £60 per session (online or in person)

Counselling (student) : weekly £30 per session (online or in person)


“Sam really changed my experience of my life and enabled me to create just what I wanted.” Elizabeth Pearson – Business Owner

“What Sam brings to the table is like nothing I’ve experienced before. Her work is holistic, rich and insightful. As well as always feeling much more relaxed when I leave her sessions, I also always take away a nugget of something intuitive to move forward with.” Max Daniel – Event Planner

“I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Sam, she is warm, empathic and present. She makes me feel like I was really being heard, and brought attention to things I was not aware of about myself. The work we did was much more practical than I imagined and it made me become more of a witness of my own thoughts” Moni Lebon – Neuro-Developmental Therapist

“I’ve been particularly enjoying Sam’s Guided Visualisation sessions. They’ve given me clarity on creative matters, as well as inspiration and encouragement. I really find taking some time out from “doing” particularly useful to let my brain rest and welcome any creative input.” Morena Fiore-Kirby – Jewellery Designer

“Perfect! Sam held the space beautifully and I felt very comfortable with her.” Kit Walker