Sandra Ballester

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I am a psychotherapist working in private practice in Norwich, Norfolk.  I am also a stress management therapist and have been working with clients in private practice since 2001 as an Autogenic Therapist.  I normally work face to face but am able to work online or over the phone when meeting in person is not possible.

You might make the decision to come to therapy because a situation in life has arisen recently that is too emotionally difficult for you to handle alone.  Or there may be longer term issues or patterns of distress coming from your history which you have been unable to resolve. Therapy helps you to gain insight into long term patterns of distress, and thus you are helped to begin the process of change.  In your first session we will explore whether therapy is suitable for you or not, and then we will have a review after a few sessions before deciding to continue further. Each person’s needs are unique, so your own therapy is tailored to your own needs.

All sessions are strictly confidential.