Sue Fox


‘When the existence and marvellous power of the deeper self is recognised, the “Know Thyself” of the Delphic Oracle acquires a new and profounder meaning. It no longer means only “analyse your thoughts and feelings and actions”, it means study your most intimate self, discover the real being hidden in the depths of your soul, and learn its marvellous potency.” This quote from Roberto Assagioli is one of my favourite and says it all.

I have been a psychosynthesis psychotherapist for nearly 30 years. I am a registered supervisor with UKCP, ¬†training therapist, and group worker. I have extensive experience in the field of addiction, and teach a psychospiritual model of addiction in various settings. I am also part of StepInAsap a group of psychotherapists who bring both personal and professional experience to developing understanding and insight into ¬†‘Contempory ‘family dynamics in the light of the evolving nuclear family.

I am an Accredited Psychotherapist with UKCP, member of CAP, and PCU.