Susan Holliday

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The impulse to come to therapy often stirs because something in our lives feels cracked or broken. This crack hurts and we reach out because we want the hurting to stop. Within the tradition of depth psychology this healing is not about patching over the crack, it’s about recognising a more expansive experience of ourselves which is pushing into our lives and seeking to be born. For the crack which brings us into therapy is also a doorway to a more authentic, purposeful and vital life.

As a Psychotherapist with 20 years experience I am committed to working creatively and in depth with individuals who are unhappy in themselves or in relationship with others. Rooted in Psychosynthesis, my approach is relational, creative and integrative. I have particular interest in issues of purpose, identity and self expression which surface at transitional points such as becoming a parent, bereavement, separation, or mid life.

My book ‘HIDDEN WONDERS OF THE HUMAN HEART – How to See Through your Sorrow’ is available at and at all good book retailers

Located in Southfields in South West London, my practice is easily accessible by tube on the District Line (3 mins walk) and by road and overground rail (Earlsfield BR 12 mins walk) from places such as Putney, Richmond, Clapham, Wandsworth and Wimbledon.