Theodora Bell

91a Replingham Road London England SW18 GB

Experienced Psychotherapist offering counselling, psychotherapy and supervision in Southfields.

I work with adults who are experiencing life crises, or periods of change and who are seeking new direction in life. Specific issues may include: adults suffering the effects of a difficult  childhood which may result in chronic unhappiness, sensitivity or shame; childhood abuse; trauma in adult life, PTSD; trauma symptoms: flashbacks, nightmares, discomfort in the body; anxiety, panic or depression; identity issues: ‘who am I’; difficulties with intimacy and relationship.

The therapy relationship is widely recognised as being important in facilitating healing and growth. I aim to provide a supportive and confidential space in which trust can develop, so that gently challenge and exploration of new ways of being and relating can  be included.

My approach is relational and integrative and includes many theories including  Psychosynthesis, Psychodynamic theory and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy.

During the sessions we work mainly through talking but may include working with trauma or body symptoms using  mindfulness and movement; working with  the imagination and  dreams using visualisation and drawing;  meditation and journalling.