Essays in the Theory and Practice of Psychosynthesis as a Psychospiritual Psychology: Volume 2


Author: Steve Simpson, Joan Evans, Roger Evans



In publishing this book, we have been inspired by the response from so many colleagues from different parts of the world, by the quality of their thinking and the development work they have carried out within a psychospiritual context.

This collection of essays has been created for those clinicians and professionals working across many different fields, who seek a different paradigm by which to practice and to live their lives.

Central to the psychospiritual perspective in this volume is the relationship between the ‘I’ and the Self. This context is fundamental in taking the individual out of a narcissistic relationship with themselves, that is to say out of a closed ‘self referring system’, and into a dynamic relationship with the larger whole, where an existential path can be lived.

We hope our readers will take this work as a contribution to stimulate their own thinking and opening up to what we believe is a highly relevant context for the early part of the 21st century.

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