Loans for Part-Time Students

The Institute of Psychosynthesis is now registered with the Professional Career Development Loan (PCDL) programme.

The Agency will pay the interest for an individual loan which is limited to a maximum of 24 months, 24 months and 12 months respectively for the following courses:

  • MA Psychosynthesis Psychology (PT) – 24 months
  • MA Psychosynthesis Coaching (PT) – 24 months
  • PGCERT Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching (PT) – 12 months

Apply for a loan

To apply for a PCDL loan, please visit:

PCDL Course Provider & Registration Number

Please find below our course provider details for the PCDL form, above

Provider: Psychosynthesis Research Limited
Provider Postcode: NW4 3AQ
Provider ID: 21538
PCDL Registration Number: REG01-21538

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