An Inner Pathway


‘The job of psychology is to offer a way and to find a place for soul’
HILLMAN, James,  (1975)


Today there is an overwhelming human need for a psychological education rather than an education in psychology. This means discovering the inner world of emotions, connecting to a sense of values and deepening a search for meaning. By integrating this way of learning as a way of living, we open to a level and dimension of mind beyond the intellectual, which David Bohm calls the ‘Implicate Mind’ BOHM (1980)


At the Institute we offer a safe haven for a short time for individuals to turn their attention away from the ‘outer world of events’ toward this inner world of ‘Self exploration’. Our principle is that to ‘know oneself’ is the core task of any practitioner who seeks to work with others.


While committed to rigorous professional and academic outcomes this inner training of the individual at all levels of Being, underlies everything we do towards training psychosynthesis practitioners.


So we welcome you to the Institute of Psychosynthesis and hope you enjoy browsing this website. These pages describe the journey we offer in both personal psychospiritual development and professional psychosynthesis training.


To give you some idea of our psychosynthesis background, our founding directors – still part of our current faculty - studied with Dr Roberto Assagioli, and established the first Psychosynthesis Professional Training Centre in the UK. Many founders and current faculty members of psychosynthesis centres in the UK, Holland, Sweden, Ireland and New Zealand are graduates of this Institute.


This depth of experience, plus our R&D programme provides you with a training of unparalleled quality. And, it is specifically designed for those who feel called to live and express a spiritual context in their personal and professional lives one that gives meaning and makes a real difference in the world.


Our faculty pledge to you is to facilitate an experience that combines a rigorous and creative process learning with the opening of the heart to enable us to see both the beauty of the human Self and how we can transform pain through compassion and love.


For more details look at our Fundamentals page, listen to our free podcasts or Request a Prospectus page.


Enjoy the website!