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Over the years the Institute has developed a method of facilitated learning that integrates the excitement and stimulation of direct experience with the focus depth and direction that comes from a thorough understanding of ideas. The training environment is not only for the training of the professional, but also, and of utmost importance, for the training of the individual.

The personal…..

We offer a programme that has at the heart of it an in-depth exploration of the inner world of the individual and their existential and soul’s journey; a journey towards the realisation of a spiritual reality as well as the exploration of the psychological disturbances consequent to that realisation.

Much attention is paid to the development of Mindful Self-Reflection and Self awareness and of building a compassionate relationship towards oneself and others.   The training group environment becomes the sanctuary or container in which profound and sensitive processes can be explored and held with integrity, and where meaningful and soulful relationships can be developed and valued within a community.  Throughout the training attention is paid towards the ’embodied’ nature of experience and the capacity to be and stay ‘present’.

Through this we come to understand complex inner psychological dynamics and develop the capacity to transform the history of both ourselves at an individual level and that of our forebears. This has value because we often find ourselves as inheritors of a psychological past which leaves us unable to respond to the spirit of our times.

…. and the professional

We offer a 2 year MA in Psychosynthesis Psychology (which forms the basis for all further training in Counselling, Psychotherapy and Coaching/Leadership); an MA in Coaching & Organisational Leadership and an MA in Psychosynthesis Psychology applied to Psychotherapy (UKCP accredited).   Before MA level is attained there are additional certificates and diplomas:  Psychosynthesis Counselling Certificate, Psychosynthesis Coaching Certificate & PG Dip Psychosynthesis Psychotherapeutic Counselling.

The Institute runs its training programmes from October – July each year.  It is organised as a modular programme taking into account individual needs for flexibility within a part-time professional training to try to meet the needs, not only of those students who are London based, but also of those who come from other regions of the UK and abroad.

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