European Organisation for Psychosynthesis Professionals

Psychosynthesis, a model for human development with the soul in focus, has great importance in a time like the present, with change, worry and transformation happening. Many people worry about the future, both for their own sake and for their children. Models and methods that include the soul and the existential dimensions are needed, to help people build hope and meaning. We who work with psychosynthesis really have something to offer – but we also need to give ourselves nourishment and refill.

There is an organisation with the aim to strengthen psychosynthesis, support the development of its models and create a platform for contact between those who are working with psychosynthesis in different countries in Europe. EPA offers several programs online, with participants from different countries. Informal coffee meetings, workshops and further training for those who want to keep on learning about psychosynthesis and related disciplines. Everyone who has taken one year or more of training in psychosynthesis is welcome as a member.

Join today at to experience the EPA community for yourself, no strings attached. We have Coffee mornings every Monday, Full Moon Meditations, a chance to engage with peers in the online community and listen to the pillars of the psychosynthesis tradition in our special ‘Interview’ series.

Contact us if you would like to know more or if you have an idea about a program you would like to see us hosting.


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