Association of Psychospiritual Practitioners (APP)

APP was founded in 1998. Its mission was to create a living network of connections to those practicing in the field of Psychospiritual Psychology.

Currently, APP is the Professional Association for the Institute’s graduates and training students.

Graduate or student members of APP can access CPDs at reduced rates, keep up to date with changes to the professions and manage their professional registration. They will also receive access to a regular publication – Ethos – the APP newsletter, providing essential association information, community connection and advertising space.

For graduate members of any of the professional associations; UKCP, BACP or APECS, APP will;

  • validate the re-accreditation process providing a structure for monitoring registrants practice so that the 5-yearly re-registration process is professionally handled
  • APP also provides support if a complaint is made or if members are subject to an audit. It is mandatory professional practice for qualified practitioners to be accountable for maintaining of Codes of Ethics and Practice and membership of APP meets these standards in line with Professional Accrediting Bodies

Membership also offers graduates the provision to advertise under the Practitioners section on the Institute’s website and to advertise any courses they may organise and facilitate under the APP Membership Scheme. APP will issue CPD certificates for these.

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APP Member Offerings

Jay Ramsay

Fire in the Heart Writing and Living the Poetry of Your Life – 28 May – 1 June 2018

In this challenging and de-stabilising time of change we need to open up more and more to our own guidance, our own wisdom and our own authority. We can find this in what we create, out of the most authentic and even radical part of who we are, that we can also see as the poet in us.

Here is a space for you to open to your own inner riches through poetry and creative writing alongside your own personal development. Using a series of tired and tested exercises designed to spark and unravel your own expression, you will be working through imagination and feeling, on your own, with each other, and in the natural environment. There will also be time for one to one work and feedback/tuition within the group sessions.

Come home feeling recharged and more able to find the way on your journey through life.

Tiered Price: £1030 / £760 / £630 (includes 5 nights accommodation, full board and refreshments)

David England

Psychotherapist and Shamanic Guide

I organise a Soulfulness Shamanic Group in Cookham and Clapham, helping members develop spiritually and live more abundant lives, by learning to make Shamanic journeys to help find solutions to issues we struggle with. For deeper issues, I offer the one-to-one Shamanic Soul Retrieval.

Books on Berkshire / Lancashire Folk Tales


Purchase Soulfulness via Karnac Books

This book brings the wisdom of the ancient healing practice of shamanism together with the insights of contemporary psychology to provide an integrated approach to the treatment of traumatic symptoms.

The psychological context of this book is Psychosynthesis: The two concepts, Self and Soul, the one deeply hidden and the other unavoidably manifest, are what links contemporary psychotherapeutic practice with the ancient practice of shamanism. Self and Soul are the contextual axis around which this book turns.

Jay Edge

Imbolc – A BodySoul Rhythms Day – 3rd Feb 2018

A Gathering For Women Exploring Body, Soul, Spirit & the Sacred Feminine.

Sometimes, as we journey through life, we lose connection with some deep and important aspect of our selves. This day is an opportunity to reconnect with your deep soul Self and with the richness of your embodied creativity.

Imbolc is the old Celtic festival that heralds the beginning of Spring, often marked by the emergence of snowdrops, a moment of transition when the frozen ground begins to thaw. Imbolc is the festival of Brigid, Goddess of fire and smithcraft, healing and poetry.

Our day together will include working with movement and story, reflection and creativity and as a part of our morning we will create an Imbolc altar. Our venue is the lovely Rosslyn Hill Chapel in Hampstead.

If you have any questions please do call or email me.

The fee for the day is £75 and to reserve or book a place call Jay Edge on 0208 292 9328 or 078 8149 2342.

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