Advanced Clinical Training – Modules 3 & 4

Prerequisite for all courses below:

  • Modules 1 & 2 (Core Training)

MA in Psychosynthesis Psychology Applied to Psychotherapeutic Counselling

This course delivers the foundations of psychosynthesis counselling and psychotherapy beginning with its central model – the Triphasic Model – which describes the dynamics between the prepersonal, the personal and the transpersonal.

It teaches through experience the processes of object relations, transference and countertransference as clinical skills vital for those in the profession. Alongside this there is the exploration of energy systems using the Chakra model as an embodied and energetic diagnostic tool as well as the creative process and meditation skills.

Topics include

Ego Development | The Triphasic Model | Repression, Denial and Splitting | Object Relations | Transference and Countertransference | The imagination and Dreamwork | Strategies and the Process of Change | Narcissism, and the Alienation of the Self | The Creative Process | The Chakras | Neuropsychology and its implications for Psychotherapy

Clinical practice

  • 250 client hours under supervision

On completion of Module 3 & 4 you can attain

  • IPL Diploma applied to MA in Psychosynthesis Psychology
  • MA Validated by Middlesex University
  • Accreditation by the UKCP through the Psychotherapeutic Counselling and Intersubjective Psychotherapy College (PCIPC) leading to Practitioner Registration

MA in Psychosynthesis Psychology Applied to Psychotherapy

The study of psychosynthesis psychotherapy involves plumbing the depths of the psyche as well as the heights, ranging from the prepersonal to the transpersonal – hence a psychospiritual psychotherapy.

The suffering of the soul from the impact of traumatic wounding is not considered as pathological but a wounding potentially leading to the numinous. Similarly students are trained in depth in how to work with their clients through spiritual emergence and spiritual emergency as they seek to lead more spiritual and meaningful lives. In this context students will consider the differences between the need for psychiatric intervention and the deepest journey of the soul in extremis as it ‘suffers meaning’.


  • Diploma in Psychosynthesis Psychology
  • Diploma in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Topics include

Spiritual Emergency | Psychiatry and Psychotherapy | The Search for Self | Soul Trauma: the Impact of Traumatic Wounding | Soul Trauma: Addictions |3 Dimensions of Psychosynthesis Groupwork | Sexuality and Spirituality | Psychotherapy and Spiritual Praxis

Clinical practice

  • 450 client hours under supervision + 50 hours psychiatric placement

On completion of Modules 3 & 4 you can attain

  • IPL Diploma applied to MA in Psychosynthesis Psychology
  • MA Validated by Middlesex University
  • Accredited by the UKCP leading to Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy Registration

MA Psychosynthesis Leadership & Organisational Coaching

The challenge for leaders today in an increasingly complex and changing environment is to become more authentic to themselves and to the people they work with.

Psychosynthesis Leadership and Organisational Coaching provides a context for working with the realisation and expression of the Self, whether as leader of small or global organisations.

To ‘hold’ and support corporate leaders and individuals in this way as their unique Self emerges requires a depth of psychological training as well as powerful coaching skills. Students are trained in a psychospiritual context and work within a Trifocal context within which they learn to evoke Self and help the these leaders, both express themselves more fully and align the people who report to them through Right Relations.


  • Diploma in Psychosynthesis Psychology

Clinical practice

  • 150 hours client coaching under supervision

Topics include

Psychosynthesis Psychology courses | Comparative Coaching Models | Group Dynamics | Leadership and Spiritual Practice | 5DL Five Dimensions of Leadership

On completion of Module 3 you can attain

  • IPL Diploma and MA in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching
  • Associate Membership of APECS

Training application process

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