Training Overview

Module 1 and 2 training is the same across all the programmes, however, in Module 1 students decide if they want to do clinical work. These students will then do clinical training in addition to the core training, clinical training takes longer than the core academic training. From Module 3 the programmes differentiate between the Therapeutic and Coaching streams.

Training Format

The core training and advanced clinical training consists of 9 training weekends per module starting from the Friday of the first weekend in October, and ending in a retreat in June. It is organised as a modular programme taking into account individual needs for flexibility within a part-time professional training to try to meet the needs, not only of those students who are London based, but also of those who come from other regions of the UK and abroad.

In addition to the weekend training:

  • Skills training on the Fridays before the training weekends (from Module 2 onwards)
  • A 2 day x 3 Right Relations Intensives with participants drawn from across the Modules
  • Group supervisions (after Module 2) these are scheduled each year usually on Thursday, Fridays or over a weekend

The training in the Institute requires all students to be in weekly personal therapy, throughout the course, until graduation. The minimum requirement is for 40 sessions in per year. For those training on our online Distance Learning programme, during Modules 1 and 2, personal therapy is acceptable online with a UKCP registered psychotherapist/psychotherapeutic counsellor, ideally Institute trained. Any students wishing to take the clinical pathway (counselling or psychotherapy) must have personal therapy in person, again with a UKCP registered psychotherapist/psychotherapeutic counsellor ideally Institute trained. For students living abroad and unable to access in face-2-face personal therapy this will need to be in the first instance with the Training Co-ordinator.


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