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Diploma in 5DL Coaching

This course is for graduates or for students that have gained equivalent training to Modules 1 and 2 that want a more advanced training in Leadership coaching.

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PG Certificate Psychosynthesis Leadership and Organisation Coaching Supervision

This Middlesex University validated course is for students wanting a coaching supervisors qualification.

The 4 month coaching supervision programme is specifically designed for:

  • Experienced UK Psychosynthesis and transpersonally trained coaches working with individual leaders in public/private/voluntary sector organisations dealing with complex individual/team/organisational issues including system forces as well as personal dilemmas
  • Psychosynthesis and transpersonally trained coaches from other parts of Europe

Topics Include

What it means to: work, develop and qualify as a leadership and organisational coach supervisor to enable coaches to deal with:

  • The leader as a person and their personal mastery at the same time dealing with their management and leadership dilemmas
  • How to supervise coaches working with the context of 5DLFive Dimensions of Leadership in simple and complex organisational settings
  • Increasing existential questions leaders have about purpose, meaning and values; mid life dilemmas as well as work life balance
  • Working with Trifocal Vision and the core question, ‘who is this person most essentially?’ and What is means to hold a psychospiritual context for their coaching work
  • Enabling coaches to work with powerful system dynamics and system forces that are often masked by interpersonal dilemmas

Training Format and Commitment

Four months part-time minimum. We are flexible in how the programme is schedule and can use a number of formats, including 2×4 days; 4x2days midweek or weekends. Please state availability and preference on application.

Entry Requirements

Prerequisite (for those with no psychosynthesis experience): Successful completion of the Institute’s Fundamentals of Psychosynthesis course.

Application Process

If you have any questions prior to application and registration please contact us.

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PG Certificate in Psychosynthesis Leadership Coaching

This Middlesex University validated course is for students wishing to gain a foundation in Leadership Coaching.

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Certificate in Psychosynthesis Supervision

This two-year part-time Psychospiritual Supervisor Training is offered to practicing psychotherapists and counsellors which will enable them to work as supervisors from a psychosynthesis perspective with both individuals and groups. This course has been designed – as recommended by UKCP – as a post-Diploma training for the position of Supervisor.

It enables participants to develop:

  • A deep knowledge and supervision skills which will enable psychotherapists and counsellors to hold and work within the context of the Self as the ground of the clients being
  • A deep and sustainable knowledge of the general theory and practice of psychotherapy and counselling so that they are able to supervise trainees and practising professionals either individually or in groups
  • An increase understanding of the importance of their own and client’s specific spiritual path and practice as a container for their psychospiritual psychotherapy and counselling
  • And enhance their own psychospiritual internal supervisor

Leads to:

  • Certificate on completion of year one
  • Accreditation on completion of year two

Topics include

The Triphasic Model as a Psychospiritual Context for Supervision | Unpacking the Psychospiritual Supervision Model | Psychotherapy and Counselling supervision – General Principles | Psychospiritual Psychotherapy and Counselling Supervision in Practice


Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy

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