Room Hire Information and Registration

Our room booking system is accessible via

Registration Form

In order to book rooms with us, you will need to fill out our room hire registration form first. You will find the form at the foot of this page. If you have any questions about the online room booking system or require guidance, please email:

Setting up Your Account

Once your registration has been approved and you’ve received the invitation email, please click on “Confirm my account”. From here, you can select either service login – which uses Facebook, Google or Twitter to login – or password login, which requires a unique password. Once you have confirmed your login method, you should be automatically logged in.

Making a Booking

Simply log in to your account using the method you chose above and navigate to the date you wish to book using the arrows/calendar on the top left of the room booking page. You can then select the room you’d like and the amount of time you require that room for (minimum of 1hr).

Bookings can be made up to 48 days in advance. This is to allow the Institute to book in their group rooms a few months in advance to ensure there are no booking conflicts.

Pricing and Dimensions

Training Rooms 1 and 2 Seats a maximum of 12-20 depending on set-up – approximately 5×4.5m

  • £15 per hour (£14 concessionary rate)

Training Room 4 Seats a maximum of 22 depending on set-up – approximately 4.5x8m

  • £16 per hour (£15 concessionary rate)

Training Room 3 Seats a maximum of 6-10 depending on set-up – approximately 3x4m

  • £14 per hour (£13 concessionary rate)

Clinic Room and Clinic Area

  • £12 per hour (£10 concessionary rate and £8 for students)

Room booking users are required to pay up front upon making each room booking.


Should you need to cancel your booking and request a refund, please contact us via In your message, please state the room booking date, time and reason for your cancellation/refund request

Registration form

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