James Walsh

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Therapy is a journey. We can choose to ignore that part of us that hopes for more in life and in many ways that’s the easier option. The therapeutic journey is not easy.  It can be extremely painful at times, but it can also help us to live again. Since you are reading this there is part of you that wants change, that wants to live in the way you once imagined. It’s not too late.

I can’t offer you a quick fix or answers to make you feel better.  You have all of those.  In fact, you already have all you need.  I can help you to connect more to yourself, which might mean working through some painful parts of your story, that may be known or as yet unknown. It won’t be easy, but I will stay with you, by your side, as long as it takes.
I offer a safe, confidential space for you to bring whatever you need to bring.  You decide at your own pace what you would like to discuss. It may take a little time before you feel ready, and that’s okay. The space will be reserved for you each week, and I will respect and encourage your inner wisdom. This is your journey.

If you want solutions from me and a quick fix, I can’t help with that. I believe in each individual, and that they know on some level what needs to be done. My aim is to connect you to this part of yourself that knows, the part that has always known, but may have got lost along the way. That part of ourselves that we remember from our earliest memories.

I practice in Sutton Coldfield face to face, or online if preferred during restrictions related to the Covid pandemic.  Please get in touch