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33 Furnival Street England EC4A 1JQ GB

As a wealth manager in the City, I was attracted to explore psychosynthesis psychotherapy over 25 years ago. I had been finding it difficult to square a sense of who I truly was with the culture of my work environment.

I knew immediately all those years ago that responding to this call from my ‘potential self’ through the promise that psychosynthesis held for me, was the most responsible – and liberating – step I’d ever take.

I have continued an extensive training and practice in psychotherapy in tandem with a long career in the City and offer both private Psychotherapy and Senior Executive Leadership Coaching within organisations.

My particular interest lies in guiding and encouraging people towards self-actualization and the integration of their fullest potential in whatever sphere of life they are engaged. This process may be seen as a journey, which we share together for at time and requires only ‘the willingness and the courage to be’. To participate in life with joy is the goal at the heart of psychosynthesis therapy and coaching – and its achievement often comes in unexpected ways.

Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy & Leadership Coaching with Alex Boyle

What is Psychosynthesis?

Psychosynthesis is an advanced development of classical psychoanalytic, analytic, counselling and psychotherapeutic theory and techniques. Further, psychosynthesis broadens its vision to encompass the spiritual impulse common to all traditions, which leads the individual on in his or her quest for the unique meaning of their life and its ultimate fulfilment. Rooted thus in the mainstream classical approaches outlined above, psychosynthesis extends its field of endeavour to include techniques ranging through art, guided visualisation, dreamwork and imagination, sub-personality work and much more, so that each individual, in his or her own way, is offered an opportunity to re-evaluate their life and bring about change and personal growth, especially when:

Psychosynthesis, with its special focus on the development of human potential, aims to encourage people to acknowledge needs at all levels of being: this includes the health of the body, the emotions, the mind and the spiritual or transpersonal dimension. It recognises the influence of past events on the life of every human being and that each individual has a deeper centre of identity; it emphasizes each person’s potential for healing and growth and the individual’s capacities for choice.

Senior Executive and Manager Leadership Coaching

My coaching is based on the 5DL (5 Dimensions of Leadership) and GROW models for senior leaders, business executives and managers. For leaders to be effective quickly, they must be equipped with the right skills, knowledge and behaviours to enable them to lead their team and achieve their company’s business goals.

Drawing on my experience of over 30 years of a City career in fund management, equities analysis and business development and underpinned by my in-depth psychological training, I work with senior leaders to establish a plan of action enabling them to become effective and drive their business and personal goals forward more quickly. My coaching works with the individual’s personal mindsets and values, their relationships and how they operate within their work context.

For example, you may be:

  • Taking on a new role or career change
  • Implementing new strategy
  • Resolving teamwork and management issues
  • Encouraging wider collaborative processes across the organisation
  • Seeking to improve employee engagement and their potential

I offer specific issue-based coaching – equipping you or your people to manage crucial or sometimes difficult conversations.

The qualities of leadership are explored and developed as we aim for realistic outcomes based on a series of 6 sessions held fortnightly over a 3 month period. These series can be extended to additional sets, if desired.

Qualifications and Training:

I’m a registered member of the Institute of Psychosynthesis and a member of its Training Faculty. The Institute is accredited by the UKCP through the AAP. I’m in supervision with the Institute of Psychosynthesis for its PG Cert in Leadership and Organisational Coaching. I have been a Chartered Fellow of the CISI for many years.


I have practices in Suffolk (Ipswich IP1) and North London (Chalk Farm NW3).

You are welcome to contact me on:

07881 767 042


Weekly counselling or psychotherapy: £80 per 50 minute session.
Leadership/executive coaching either private or sponsored: please enquire.