Beth Conroy

Falmouth Natural Health Practice, 30-31 Church Street Falmouth England TR11 3EQ GB

I am a fully qualified and accredited psychotherapist and have worked in private practice for over 30 years with individuals, couples, groups and supervising other practitioners. I find it deeply rewarding to support people with their lives, work, relationships and in creating a lifestyle that has meaning and purpose for them. This involves finding healthy connection with ourselves, other people and with our community/world, expressing the values that matter to us.

I like to be an “allie” to my clients through life’s challenges and changes – of which there are many. I strive to give empathy, respect and a supportive professional relationship on which you can rely. Together we look at any patterns and obstacles from the past, also at who and where you want to be, developing skills and resources so you can move towards it.

I work with relationship issues with partners, family and friends, and with a range of difficulties you may encounter, such as coping with stress, anxiety, depression, loss and change. These are opportunities for us to grow and to learn to treat ourselves with compassion. We cannot always choose what happens to us, but we can choose to respond to it in the best possible way. I am here to walk with you through the difficult times and to help you do that.

Making change requires self-awareness and courage.

My aim is that every person who walks through my door is given the tools and conditions they need – not just to survive, but also to grow and thrive.