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Psychotherapy for Soul

A client gained the insight, “I am a constantly evolving human being,” after several months of Psychotherapy for Soul (quoted with permission).

For psychotherapy, the painting suggests chaos, the mind in torment
Original, © Anne Strange, 2015

I quote his words because they clearly sum up what Psychotherapy for Soul is about, which is:

Evolving as a human being.

Expanding our Soul, which means our lived experience of being who we are.

Hence, living a life ever more fruitful, more abundant, with more meaning, more fulfilled, and with more zest for life.

Psychotherapy for Soul: Healing Past Traumas

However, shrinking of Soul begins in childhood:

Some of us suffer trauma through acts of violence against us.

Many of us suffer from the lack of loving care and regard that we need. As a result, we may feel untouched by love.

Even the best of those who care for us have lapses: Times of sadness, grief, pain, sickness, anger, or distraction. Just being human. With an infant’s finely tuned senses, each lapse is a wound to Soul. An infant for whom the only time is now.

As a result of such traumas, the wounding and shrinking of Soul carries over into adulthood. Then, we may suffer: Anxiety, panic attacks. Sadness, depression. Low self-confidence, self-esteem or self-worth. Troubled relationships. Whatever shrinks our lived experience of being who we are.

Therefore, Psychotherapy for Soul is about healing such childhood traumas. Thus, it is about restoring Soul. To help us find the path towards a more vital, fruitful, abundant, meaningful, and fulfilled life.

For psychotherapy, the painting depicts a dancer full of vitality
Dancer, © Anne Strange, 2015

Psychotherapy for Soul: Visioning the Future

Equally, Psychotherapy for Soul is about the future. There are times when we begin to feel there must be more in life than we are enjoying. Which means, more joy, love, fulfilment, the realisation of whom we truly are.

Psychotherapy for Soul can be exciting, enriching and transforming. A catalyst for profound change in our experience of being alive, by:

Growing as a person. Finding qualities in ourselves we didn’t know were there.

Discovering and realising our potentiality more and more.

Gaining insight into our unique purpose. The meaning of our life. The values which inform and inspire it.

Then, our life can be a journey of self-realisation and joy. Ever more vital, fruitful, abundant, meaningful, and fulfilled.

My Psychotherapy Practice

At the heart of psychotherapy is the relationship between client and therapist. A personal, professional, confidential, therapy relationship. My role is provide a safe environment. In which you can explore your life experience and the issues which trouble you. During regular individual 50-minute sessions, we work together on whatever issues you choose to explore.

I have practiced as a qualified counsellor and psychotherapist for 20 years. I trained at The Institute of Psychosynthesis, London. During the last six years, I have studied the ancient healing practice of Shamanism. I trained at Eagle’s Wing College of Contemporary Shamanism.

Now, I have written a book ‘‘Soulfulness : The Marriage of Shamanic and Contemporary Psychology’’. I describe how a present day form of Shamanism can be integrated into a mainstream therapy practice like mine. From this work, I have developed Psychotherapy for Soul, bringing in a wealth of Shamanic thought and practice:

Shamanic Psychology: The profound wisdom embodied in the Medicine Wheel – the wheel of health and wholeness. Which illuminates many aspects of human existence and human frailty.

Shamanic Practice: Once widespread, these are empathic, gentle, and relaxed techniques serving the restoring and expanding of Soul.

I also provide Couple Counselling.


My psychotherapy practice is in the Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead. I serve clients in Berkshire, South Buckinghamshire, and South Oxfordshire.

To contact me, please go to my Contact page. I look forward to hearing from you.

Cost of Sessions

My standard fee is £75 per 50-minute individual session, and £110 per 75-minute couple session, reviewed annually. At the same time, I am willing to agree a session fee based on what you can afford as a priority expense. Be it less or more than my standard fee.