Deena Marcus-Jedamzik


My life’s living work over the past  70 years, has been varied, challenging, invigorating, exhausting sad and joyful.
I have studied, worked and taught the dance of the energetic body, the souls journey.
Historically as a Potter, Mother, teacher and Shiatsu practitioner, Psychosynthesis Trainer, Supervisor and group facilitator.

I am currently working in private practice as  a Psychotherapist, and, and supervisor.
Alongside this, I paint Buddhist Iconography, and botanical painting, I am a performing Musician, Partner, Mother and Grandmother.

Our lives are  always full of challenge, challenges which  can be both exhilarating and confronting as the wheel of life keeps turning, and life always keeps happening.
Meeting these challenges; Emotional healing and the healing/saving of our planet, is both difficult  and exciting, this is true in every era but for us its in the here and now.
An active Commitment to this Self healing and growth process, journeying in this together, side by side,  is exceptionally important.  The contribution which we make both to ourselves, our families, friends and communities, is an action
For each small step we make that  helps our own wounding,  in turn makes a consequential impact on the world around us.