Judy Wilson-Smith


I work with individuals who are facing difficult relational dilemmas with significant people in their lives either personally or professionally.  This includes those who suffer as a result of living with an addict and/or alcoholic family member.

These dilemmas can feel overwhelmingly daunting and be the source of enormous stress and anxiety.  It is easy to lose a sense of ourselves and the positive sense of self-esteem that we once had.  We can feel trapped and as if life is something to survive rather than enjoy.

I offer a peaceful and confidential space for you to explore your dilemmas, to be positive and accepting of yourself and to find self-compassion for the suffering you’ve experienced.  This is a space within which you can reconnect to a sense of inner choice and create your own path to happiness and peace whilst respecting the choices of others who matter to you.

Psychotherapeutic Counselling Accreditation Body