Julia Jameson


Psychological work helps us to understand how our personality has developed over time; spiritual work connects us to our deepest sense of purpose, meaning and values. Psychosynthesis embraces both, enabling us to find the ground that holds us through the inevitably changing waters of the river of life.

When we invite a kind attention and compassion to the places where we feel broken and wounded, we begin a process of healing, learning and bringing forth what is calling to be expressed in our life.  This builds a deep reservoir of resilience, from which we are able to recognise and move beyond adaptations and limitations linked to early survival, reconnect with our inner wisdom and realise our true potential.

The long-term influences of shamanic practice, Eastern spirituality, yoga, meditation, poetry and myth run through my work.  I also have over thirty years’ experience in the corporate world, as an HR Director, leadership development expert and coach.