Valentina Mengarelli

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I am a trainee psychotherapist with a background in the corporate world as well as working as a healer with Reiki, yoga, meditation and creative writing. I have been practising yoga and mediation for 20+ years and this led me to a huge healing journey, discovering parts of myself that I had neglected and needed to be unleashed. I finally found the missing piece in my journey through psychosynthesis psychotherapy, which has enabled me to really meet and see myself for the first time and re-parent all the wounded parts. I am registered with both UKCP and BACP as a trainee therapist.

I am very interested in the following: Relationship issues/modalities, narcissistic up-bringing, mother wound, addiction, depression.

My rates are £30/20conc  per session and I also offer sessions free of charge to single parents who are on low income.